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brainfog,weakness,eye issues,shaky and more


i can't believe you lot are having these problems too, i been suffering for nearly a year, whats even more worrying is,
its all under undiagnosed symptoms. I'm suffering from the following symptoms:

Brainfog, feeling as if im half asleep constantly
pressure in the sinus areas which disappeared after a few mnths
body lethargic and weakness, exhausted alot of the time
the tingling feelings on my eyebrows, face, arms lasted for 3 months but they slowly disappeaered, i believe it could have been anxiety not sure.
gas,bloated stomach, gastritis
my eyes are having a problem, had pains on my eyes, burning and very bloodshot, still under investigation

anyways all this started in june for 2 weeks i felt tired and sleepy then one night my right eye lid was drooping down,so i exercised thinking must be a circulation issue, i woke up the next morning with body tingling face arms, weakness, panic attacks, couldnt breath wel, went to drs that whole week and was told it was nothing, maybe a virus and panic attacks,

i had been suffering for a whiplash accident i had over a year ago, ongoing pains affected my lower and upper right . anyways a year later i began physio and the therapist who stretched and made cracking noises in my back.
2 weeks later i got all these symptoms.

i dont know if this could be the related but anyways, i have had a ct scan of the brain whci was normal

alot of people on here say its a ear issue or candida, could this be the case with me? could it be the neck or spinal discs? anyways would love some replies/advice on this

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You might consider nerve impingement/encroachment in your neck... did no one do a doppler of your carotid arteries to check for blockage there?  Did they check your potassium and iron levels?
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thanks for the reply, the iron was checked and was fine, not sure of the details.
what is the Potassium test known as?
i never had doppler for the carotid artery, can it affect somone young as 31? can it cause symptoms on both sides of body? would the CT scan cross out many causes if it was normal?

my lft test results have been abnormal for many yeas was negative for hep viruses and autoimmune dasease.Drs are now pointing fingers to this I know my problem/symptoms is all in one as they all started together in one day, not at seperate times.

the steroid drops worked instantly and my eyes are getting better, but i have floaters which are annoying, was told by the eye MD he could see them and my brain will get used to them soon.

i'm thinking of going private as NHS in the UK is all about budget and saving, So hopfully soon thats my next step.

so i could be looking to do the following tests:

1 doppler for the carotid artery check up
2 potassium test
3 scans such as ct or mri of the back and neck?

just need direction so i can finally get to being treated.


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Cracking the back I believe has fallen into disfavor by many chiropractors.  You might check with a more modern method licensed chiropractor to see if any of your symptoms could have been brought on by the cracking, since your symptoms occured so close to when you had that done.
Now, back to what I was talking about before.  Potassium (K), one of your electrolytes I believe they would check doing a metaboic panel: if it is depleted in your body to a low level, you can have symptoms such as weakness, tiredness, tingling or numbness, abdominal cramping and bloating amongst other symptoms.

Regarding the doppler for your carotid arteries- your concern was circulatory and since you had a drooping eyelid and brain fog amongst other symptoms, I think perhaps they should make sure there wasn't a lot of plaque built up in one or both of these important blood vessels supplying your brain that could be impeding the flow of oxygen, etc. to your brain.  High cholesterol, high triglycerides and inflammation can be key factors in plaque build up in blood vessels.  Some people have naturally high cholesterol while others clog their arteries with unwise food choices... and I believe you don't have to be old to clog your arteries.  A friend of mine in his 30s had to have heart surgery for two arteries that were clogged with plaque.  However, if you were having TIAs, you likely would notice one side or the other affected from them rather than both at the same time.

Regarding your liver function tests being abnormal- is your bilrubin high?  If so, did they only test you for hepatitis?  Did they not do an MRCP to check and see if any bile ducts were being blocked?  I'd really want to ask the doctor about my liver problem if I was in your shoes.  You can't live without your liver the saying goes.  I met a lady at church who had a lot of problems with her liver and it turned out a gluten intolerance had something to do with it, I believe.

I would think if you had a CT or MRI scan of your neck, that could rule out nerve encroachment by reason of bone spurs, arthritic changes, etc. and check for disc herniation.  And if you had any injury lower down to your back, I believe it should be investigated.

I'm hoping national health care is repealed before our health care quality diminishes to rationing, like I've heard is happening in the U.K..  I'm glad if you have the means to go private and try to really get help for yourself.
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Again thank you very much for the reply and plenty of usefull information

MRCP im not sure if we have that here in UK, i did have an ultrasound of the liver,pancreas,gallbladder and they seemed fine, the liver just shown inflamation,
i believe the only abnormal result was the ALT was raised (in the 60's and 120's normally defined as mild elivation) the bilrubin was low. I have a appontment with an hepatologist on the 30th of this month so will get the ball rolling.

i'm almost afraid of asking Drs here for the tests as they begin to think you're depressed or hypochonriac. I will speak to a Dr tomorrow.
the direction  will request for the metabolic panel,
will have to see what i can do about the
carotid arteries ultrasound
CT or MRI scan of your neck and back

may go abroad soon to get for private treatement, one more odd symptom i do get is, i can't tolerate heat, gives me breathing and panic attacks, but i think you have put me on the right direction as during the initial begining symptoms my right side of my head was heavy behind my right jaw for many days, And i did have chelostrol checked it was fairly high, must be my diet.

Thank you very much, just going to make a list of what tests i can have done, so i can get them done privately.
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i had the H pylori test in novemeber, and i had been chasing it up, i just was called by the labs and advised My Dr should havce had the results and given them to me, i didn't really look for the results because normaly Drs contact you if they are positive, anyways, it was positive.

Could this be the route cause of all my problems? even though all my problems began in a day, including the eye inflamation. i will be going to Drs tomorrow about removing this nasty bug, unfortuantley since i have it, means antibiotics.
i do suffer from diahhrea,duodenal ulcer and acid reflux so this obviously explains these symptoms i hope. But i have had chronic diahorrea for many years since i was 16, im 31 now, so it could mean i've had this bug for most of my life.

Anyways thought id give an update on this
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would a ultrasound of the carotid arteries be sufficient to check for blockage?
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