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breast lump

found a lump last week went to seea doctor today who is referring me to the breast clinic,she dont think its much to worry about but she wants it checked,it is a small lump and sore at times it also hurts to touch,i have had a lump removed beforewhich wasnt cancer,so i am hoping it is just the same thing again.
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My step mother just went through the same thing last week.  She had a mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy and everything came back fine.  She said that her lump hurt too.  The dr told her that if it were cancer it most likely wouldn't hurt.  So that fact that it hurts you might acutally be a good thing.

Please let me know how you make out.  Lots of luck....
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Generally a well defined breast lump, slightly sore to touch is due to fibroadenoma. A mammography will be done. If this is negative and if the lump is causing pain, it will be removed. Hope this helps. Take care!
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Of course i would get it checked by a Dr. but i want to tell you about what causes many people as well as myself to have these sore lumps in the breast.
Drinking coffee, especially too much, or other high caffeine drinks, such as Mt. Dew,
or especially RED BULL, or similar high caffene drinks.
This is harmful to people just almost like smoking cigarettes.
Our body is the most precious thing we have, so we need to take care of it.
Getting enough rest, taking your vit/minerals , not drinking too much,
and not smoking period!  And too much caffeine can cause you to age faster.,
PLUS, it causes you to not get proper sleep. It catches up with a person.
I know first-hand what i am talking about, for i've seen it in my own family.

Best of luck, and take care of yourself!

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thank you for your advice,i have been to a doctor,waiting for a referral,i dont drink coffee,or redbull disgusting,i do smoke trying to cut down as we speak,thanks again
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im so sorry to here about the lump in your breast it must be a real worry for you my daughter found a lump last year but thank god it turned out to be a cyst i know its easy to say dont worry but im sure you will be fine please let me know how you get on take care.
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