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breathing problems, throat problems, overal weird symptoms...

im a 20 yo male

I went to the ER yesterday because everytime i was taking a deep breath i got dizzy, there is also a weird noise when i breath sort of like wheezing but different.. they did a chest xray , blood and urine test. all came up clear??? i dont understand, this is very weird.

*chronic non productive cough
*aches and pains in various parts of body (mainly legs) a feeling of pressure in head and eyes,  all  WHEN COUGHING
*pain in throat when speaking loud or trying to sing or anything that requires above average effort
*buzzing feeling in legs , very intense
*mid back pain ( stabbing sensation)
*abdominal pain
*cloudy urine
*pressure behind the eyes
*pressure in ears
*chronic headaches, pressure, dull pains
*strange sensation in throat, pain , pressure , a feeling like something is stuck like a metal pipe, lump
*muscle twitching (random muscles, mostly legs but sometimes facial muscles and buttocks area)
*chest pain (lungs)
*burning tongue , buzzing feeling. ranges from mild to severe
*muscle weakness
*dizziness when breathing deep
* wheezing, strange noises when breathing deep, makes a sound after breathing in deep,  very strong and alarming
*metallic, mustard like taste in mouth and throat
*rash on left thigh (has been there for 4 months)
* occasional blurry vision
*pain in various parts of body and an overall feeling of tiredness and sickness

* symptoms have been gradually building since december.. getting worse by the day. the lung problems are what alarmed me to take immediate action

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Tests that  i have had done already:

pulmanologist visit , prescribed prednisone, advair 100/50 he said that the prednisone and antibiotocs should fix the lung issues but they havent...
cervical spine mri 2 weeks ago
chest x ray 1 week ago came up clear
neuro test ( showed mild neuralgia in the legs) 1 week ago, doctor said its probably from chemotrerapy i am a cancer survivor..
echocardiogram done about 2 months ago, showed up normal
ct of head and neck ( came up clear)  in december
ent visit  (2 weeks ago) clear, ent said throat was very inflamed prescribed prednisone and allegra-d and amox/clavu/potassium 500-125mg tabs

how can all these tests come up clear and i am getting worse by the day? i feel like my breathing is going to stop...
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Ask your doctor to check your thyroid. I have most of your same symptoms. It turned out to be Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism.
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