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breathing problems and bloating, possibly GERD

I have had anxiety breathings in the past, generally my breathing would feel labored everyday and my chest heavy. i took paxil for about 4 years and got off. now almost 9 months out, i am having breathing orblems, albeit different.  i cant take deep breaths, have shortness of breath and my chest feels tight. i have also had a big blaoted stomach all these months as well.  i'm pretty sure my stomach is affected, and producing more acid than usual, hence the reflux. i got acid detox bumps on my body in the ofrm of small pink bumps, as well as increased acne, and my tongue has gotten white......i hear gurgling gas sounds under my lower ribcage as well.  

i am wondering is the acid going into my lungs and causing breathing problems? i am worried about pulmonary fibrosis as well.  what tests can be done to diagnose if the acid is going into my lungs?

thanks and God bless us all
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The heaviness in your chest does sound like GERD, i have it also...have had acid reflux for yrs now. ask for an upper GI series, a test where you drink and it opens your stomach so they can look to see! results are pretty quick. and thenyou can be given med's for it, and it will help you....with me, it always felt like i couldnt catch a full breath, and a tight feelin in my chest, or always felt the need to burp! im still on paxil for my anxiety thank god...hope you get to feeling better soon hun!!
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so has the GERD given u breathing problems?or was it anxiety? what is this test and what do they have you drink? is there a more specific test to tell if the acid is going in your lungs? thanks
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The test is very easy, and doesnt take long! You drink this pinkish liquid and its quite thick, they tell you NOT to burp or the test will have to be retaken....once you drink it, your stomach opens/bloats so they can see what is going on...like an xray...then they will have you drink again, so they can see your esophagus and how its going down your stomach. once i started medication, i didn't have the heaviness anymore in my chest. I was taking a few different kinds of med's like prilosec, nexium, now im taking prevacid. Depending on what he thinks will work for you, he'll prob give you one of those! The test is called an "upper GI series".... request it, and let me know what happens ~ good luck!!!!!
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I have gastroparesis.  The symptoms are, bloating, getting full after a small amount of food, nausea, feeling like you can't take a deep breath, constipation.  It is not a dangerous illness but can easily be treated.  Ask your gastroenterologist for help in diagnosing your problem.  The treatment and meds. for GERD, gastroparesis, IBS etc. are all different so correct diagnosis is important.
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I was diagnosed with Gastroparesis and having the breathing issue too where if feels like you cannot take a deep breath. I also feel at times like there is a brick sitting on my stomach near my rib cage preventing me from being able to take a deep breath.

I cannot take the usual prescribed drug Reglan. I feel paralyzed by it. Instead I am on small, low fat meals and take digestive enzymes to aid. Have you found success in anything that relieves the breathing issues? I am dying for relief from it.

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Hi Sharon,

I have the exact same symptoms as you.  I take Phillips Milk of Magnesia to keep me regular and move the food out of my stomach.  Reglan doesn't agree with a lot of people.  My gastro. says it fine to take the Milk of Magnesia every day if I want to.  Sometimes I need suppositories also.  With Gastroparesis you are not supposed to have fiber or large meals or have liquids with meals.  I am guilty of doing all of these things, then I pay dearly.  When my stomach "bloats" that is usually when I feel that I can't take a deep breath. Maybe it's the pressure on diaphragm?  I just wait it out when it happens, don't know what else to do.
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i had extremely bad heartburn about a year ago.. the last 3 weeks, it has come back with more symtoms, trouble catching breath, discomfort under rib cage, I do not have the heart burn always, but  crackers usually gets rid of it.. i know i add to the difficulites of breathing by having panick attackes, my stomache feels bloated,and this feeling of having to have a bowel moment, i have a hard time sleeping also from worrying..  today i started taking omeprazole, hopefully it will start working..   i have not been diagnosed  but im pretty postive after reading so much on GERD that is what it is. I also seem to have fatigue..
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I am 23 years old and I have just been diaignosed with Gerd.  I have had anxiety for years now as well.  I feel bloated alot.  My lungs feel like they are burning.  I have those gross acid burps.  And The worst part about it is the trouble breathing.  Almost like i have acid sitting in my lungs.  And when this happens it triggers an anxiety attack which makes it worse.  My Doctor put me on Prevacid.  Which hasnt really helped.  I go back this week.  This is just so frusterating and depressing.  Any suggestions?
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Whats up Mandy I am also 23 I have had this shortness of breath for about 2 months. I use to have hertburn but not often and one day I just started feeling really bad so I went to the hospital. I was diagnosed with GERD. They put me on NEXium & told me I cant eat any spicy food, fatty food, citirs fruits &  as well as no drinking & smoking(whats left to eat?). It has really not done anything. I also burp alot & noticed alot of bloating. From what I read it is normal to be short of breath when you have Gerd but I have it threwout the day & also have this minor preasure in between my chest. I am gonna talk to my doctor and see why I havent felt better. This isent even the worst part I HAVE NO MEDICARE. God bless america.Sad that even Europeans & Canadians have Heath Care.
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The comment you made about the small pink bumps. I have never heard of acid detox bumps but i have some small pink bumps on the lower parts of my legs i can't seem to figure out.
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The comment you made about the small pink bumps. I have never heard of acid detox bumps but i have some small pink bumps on the lower parts of my legs i can't seem to figure out.
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