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breathing problems

hi everybody recently i encountered breathing problems and discomforts don't have any chest-pains o wheezing.the breathing is not normal like it was before i seem to notice myself which is very unusual and recently i began loosing strength seen a couple of doctors and the meds don't seem to workout it worries me by the day ...need your help please
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   I think you have posted to the wrong community?  Unless, this has to do with ADHD medications.
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If your doctor has listened to your lungs and gave you medication for a chest infection it will depend how long you have been on antibiotics and if your symptoms have shown no improvement after 3-4 days, you should see your doctor as the antibiotic that was prescribed may not be the right one.

Did the doctor listen to your heart as well as your lungs?  As it may be related to your heart.   You do not say what type of medications you were prescribed, but if they are not working, you do need to go back to the doctor for further investigation.

Anxiety and stress can cause breathing problems with chest discomfort and make you feel weak.  Are you suffering from any anxiety at the moment?  If so, try and relax and calm down.  Breathe in slowly through your nose and then very slowly breathe out through your mouth.  Do this as often as you need to help you to relax.

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ooh thanks jemma116 i saw anew doctor today and he told it must be anxiety and stress disorders according to my past history i actually feel much better after learning what possibly might be my problem recently i have too anxious about the future and yes he check my heart and lungs and concluded they are normal after running an ECG test but he said i had aracing heart and could be possibly triggered by axiety and fear am soo glad and finding ways of calming down and not worrying too much any suggestions from you could be of help to me
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Do you know of any relaxation techniques?

Breathing slowly through your nose and then slowly through your mouth will help you to calm down.

You can practice visualisation techniques, where you visualise yourself you your "safe" place.  

Listening to calming music, having a warm bath going for walks all good forms of relaxtion.
There are also techniques like tapping on your fingers.  With the index finger tap the index finger on the other hand and a few times and move on to tapping the other fingers.

Hope that helps.

Best wishes.

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