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burning smell

hi. my skin seems to smell of burning hair/hot heat as from hair dryer, can you give me any ideas why this this should be,
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
What you have is probably olfactory hallucination or phantosmia or phantom smell. It is usually due to seizure (temporal lobe epilepsy—there is no frank seizure), or due to schizophrenia or depression or due to an aura of migraine.
It can also be due to a problem in olfactory receptor mechanism. This could be due to a smell getting trapped by nasal polyps or tumors. Sinusitis with post nasal drip can cause both a phantom smell and nausea and this should be investigated first by an ENT.  Since it can be something serious, your mother should be seen by a psychiatrist, ENT specialist and a neurologist.
Strange though it may sound, it can be a symptom of menopause. High levels of prolactin (as in pituitary tumors) and high HCG (as in ovarian cancer) can also be the cause. At your age I would rule out all these causes by consulting a gynecologist.

It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage.
Take care!

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Well, strictly guesses here- have you been out in the sun & wind for an extended period?  Have you been handling anything that has a similar smell?  Are you sweating normally?
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hi, no havnt done either of those, and yes sweat is normal, more so to be truthful cos im getting hot flushes into the bargain as I have come off HRT recently, this smell is really getting to me, but its stange that no one else can smell it,
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I think you meant to say cazgreen should be seen by those specialists rather than her mother? :0)
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thank you for those comments, I will look into them a.s.p. i do have a date in July to return to the neurologist that thought I might have had a very mild seizure epilepsy, but i have since seeing him, had appointments with both his nurse and my doctors nurse regarding the 6 months check up, They dont seem to think that  Epilepsy is the cause, but probably burning the candle both ends and working too hard, but I will check what you have said about the nasal thingy as I am taking drops for narrow channels that block and cant deal with the pressure at time.
thanks again
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