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cause of neck, back and arm pain and hard lumps in upper arms

I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant for weeks now ive been having neck, back and arm pain and sometimes headache which can last 2 or 3 days. Ive been to 4 physio sessions this far with minimal relief.
I get spasms in between my shoulder blades and ive had one big spasm in my neck. Each morning the pain is quite bad between my shoulder blades. The pain is worse on the right hand side. The pain in my arms are 2 places and once again much worse on the right hand side. Upper arm and lower arm. Physio said the lower arm pain could be tennis elbow. This pain feels like the muscle weakness you experience after a heavy gym work out, starting around the area of the elbow towards the hand. The pain in the upper arms feels like small spasms although the muscles are not contracting but the really strange part is that i have what feels like a knot but its seems to span all 3 muscles(bicep, tricep and deltoid)  physio says shes not seen or felt something like this before. Normally a knot is in one muscle. Its like a band around my arm on both sides. Its very painful when she tries to rub them out. It is about an inch wide and starts just after my arm pit and almost like a v shape along the end of the deltoid over the bicep and then up the tricep.
Any ideas?
Ps. Not sure if it's related but sometimes holding my phone too long(i read books and articles on my phone)  i sometimes get pins and needles in my pinky and ring finger which quickly goes away if i change my position.
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Hi I am sorry you are in so much pain.  I just happened on here and saw the part about the knots in your upper arm.
I had a severe pain in my upper arm shoulder neck shoulder blade. If I moved my arm the wrong way I would get pain where you are having the knot.  It turned out that I had frozen shoulder or they call it adhesive capsulitis. I went to a shoulder specialist who helped me with physical therapy.
Have you been doing any physical activity that may have pulled a muscle or tendon?  Working with your arms?  Playing tennis? ...etc?
Can you go to your doctor?
I made a mistake and let it go for 3 months before going to the doctor.  It is better to go in as soon as you can
Take Care
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Thanks for the post and concern Dee.
No injury or activity. Only difference is I'm 30 weeks pregnant.
I had a look at frozen shoulder symptoms and it doesn't tie up to my symptoms. My shoulders are not painful on movement only painful when I get the spasm like pain or when trying to rub the knot out.
I have been to the dr and physio.  Physio has suggested I speak to the dr again as she doesn't understand the knots in my arms. I'm seeing my obstetrician tomorrow again I'm going to ask her as well.
My medical aid is almost maxed this year already. I'm suffering from painful hips as well from the pregnancy, too much hormones. I have a special belt to walk around with.
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You clearly have a skeletal problem, and the arm pain is highly likely to be referred from the spine.

Getting pins and needles in the pinky and ring finger are usually referred from pinched nerves in the neck area.

As you get the bad pains in the morning, have you considered that it may have something to do with your pillow?  Just a thought.  My doctor advised me to sleep on only 1 pillow.    

As you are also having problems with your neck, back and arms and the physiotherapy does not seem to be helping at the moment, have they given you information on posture and exercises you can do at home?

Sometimes the neck can be out of alignment and if that is the case that can cause headaches.  I am not sure if a physiotherapist can manipulate your neck if it is misaligned, perhaps you could ask them about that.  If not, a good chiropractor may be able to help.

Because you are getting spasms when you try to rub your own knot, is there anyone else at home that can give you a massage using Arnica oil or other embrocations?  

I presume that because you are 30 weeks pregnant, the medical profession do not want to expose you to xrays to see if there are any degenerative changes in your spine.

To help yourself, keep your neck warm by wearing a scarf, keep out of any draughts, apply heat or cold (whichever one make you feel better) and have warm relaxing baths using muscle relaxant crystals (if you are not allergic to these).  

Hope that you get sorted out before baby comes.  

Best wishes.
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