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im a 36yr old female, back when i was 14 i got my first bout of chills, i had woken up with them but also flu symptoms.
i then got them again when i turnd 15. now i have had them that many times i cnt count. for the past few days i have had them probly the worst i think, no fever no other symptoms apart from very very painful chills body akes and i feel so tiard and weak, after my chills have broken i get very hot, but am to scared to take blankets off incase they come back as even tho i am hot i can still fell that chill feeling. i had bloods done today for the 1st time but i am not hopefull they will find anything, there must be some 1 out there who knows smthing?? i also get joint pain realy bad and random shooting pains. some 1 please please help!!!!!!!!!

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You need to see a doctor asap. Chills are often sign of infection in the body. It could be hormonal as well but you need to see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. Don't wait too long. When I had chills it was so serious that I was in a life threatening situation. Chills are usually associated with fever. Your body may feel cold but believe me your body temperature could be extremely hot. Get Help!!!
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There can be several causes like hypothyroidism, liver diseases, adrenal insufficiency, liver failure and as a side effect of some drugs. Chills are also felt when a fever is about to start in case of malaria and bacterial infections due to release of toxins. One can also feel chilled if you are about to break into viral fever. Vit B12 deficiency causes feeling cold, tiredness, dizziness etc. Low intrinsic factor in gut that hampers absorption, pernicious anemia, parasites in the gut, diet poor in Vit B12, Crohn;s disease, IBS, or poor metabolism by liver are the causes behind it. Please consult a doctor to rule these out. Take a diet rich in Vit B12 which should include meat and animal products, cheese, such as beef, liver, salmon, cod, and eggs. Take B12 supplements and breakfast cereals fortified with vitamin B12. Finding the cause is important. Vit B12 deficiency, Crohn’s and hypothyroidism can also cause joint pains.
Hope this helps. I think you should discuss these possibilities with your doctor. It is difficult to comment beyond this without examining. A comprehensive investigation is required keeping all the points in mind. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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I am so sorry you are under such stress with your health. Not easy to live with, when you have those symptoms. Do you know what the doc is checking in your blood work? How is your appetite, do you sleep ok, how often does this happen to you, ie do you find it happens on a regular basis, or does it just happen when you least expect it? things you might want to ask yourself so when you return for your blood work results you can paint a good picture for your doc to understand what is going on with you and how he/she will treat you for it.
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she took bloods to test my thyroid, liver, kineys, b12, blood cells or smthing and a bunch of other stuff that all came back normal, i dnt seem to get a fever with this, and today i have had gas like pains under my right shoulder blade, same kind of pain as when i had my galbladder removed(very sharp and intense! my doc just said that it must be sme kind of viris. (i dnt think so) it cmes on when ever it feels like, and sme times i will have 1 night of chills then nothing for months or even yrs and other times i will have it for days on end
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