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choking and feeling of lump im throat when swallowing

for the past few months i have had the feeling of a lump in throat, almost like something is stuck, also noticed that i have feelings of choking. what could this possibley be??? i seem to have to swallow alot, and at times get a very dry mouth?
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Hi Mary,

I had similar symptoms about a month ago.  At first I thought that something was stuck in my throat, then it became incredibly painful to swallow anything.  After a dr's visit and an upper GI, it was found that I had esophogitis.  A few days of high dose of Prilosec & it was gone.
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Have you seen your GP for this?  It could also be a goiter, causing pressure.  Check to see if you can feel anything on the outside, that goes up and down when you swallow.
Blood tests can also be done to check for thyroid problems.  Usually you would have other symptoms too.
Just a thought.
You could also check out the thyroid area on this website.
Good Luck.
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Hi.  All of those symptoms are thyroid symptoms.  You don't necessarily have to have a goiter to feel these symptoms.  I have Hashimoto's hypothyroiditis and years ago I felt like something was stuck in my throat and doc sent me for an xray!!
You need to get a thyroid blood test and get a copy of the results and check it out for yourself.  Some labs use old range and so many docs are not informed of new ranges.
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There could be several causes of the symptoms you are having and only a detailed clinical examination and certain investigations would help to rule out the find out the cause in your case.

This could be due to a condition called zenker's diverticulum, which is a pharyngeal pouch; it could be due to 'globus hystericus'. The sensation may also result from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or from frequent swallowing and drying of the throat associated with anxiety or another emotional state.

Other conditions include - cricopharyngeal (upper esophageal) webs, symptomatic diffuse esophageal spasm, GERD, skeletal muscle disorders (eg, myasthenia gravis, myotonia dystrophica, polymyositis), and mass lesions in the neck or mediastinum that cause esophageal compression.

You should talk to the doctor and get a complete evaluation done.

Let us know if you have any other doubts or need any other information.

Post us on how you are doing.

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