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chronic back pain

about a year and a half ago I feel against the tub.  There was bruising and soreness.  Months later I started to have lower left abdomen pain that was severe.  I also had a fever and went to the emergency room.  I thought I had a kidney stone.  They did a non-contracting CT and checked my urine for infection.  Nothing showed up and I was refered to a GI doctor.  The GI doctor put me on antibiotics (because of the fever) and pain killers and said I  had diviticulitous.  We did a lower GI series where I drank barium.  The pain continued and even before I had a colonoscopy, this doctor said I should see a surgeon about removing part of my colon.  At this point I decided to see another GI doctor. By this time the pain a moved to my left flank area.  We did a colonoscopy which indicated minor divirticuli (sp) but no infections.  When the test was over I immediately asked why I still had pain.  This doctor said I could have endometreosis (again, sp?).  I informed him  I had a hysterectomy several years before.

I then preceeded to my GP who took x-rays of my back.  At this point we thought I was related to the fall I had.  The x-rays showed nothing so I just waited for the pain to go away.  It did not.  Instead it became worse.  Again, I ended up in the emergency room.  They did a CT which showed nothing and I was sent home with pain medication.

At this point I decided to call the GI doctor to ask him what I should do.  He suggested a GYN visit was in order.  I then went to the GYN who could not understand why I was there. I made an appointment with the GI doctor and relayed all of the above. The pain is severe.  He had no clue as to what could be causing the pain and felt it was not a GI issue.  I broke into tears, feeling helpless and hopeless.  The doctor was sympathetic and said that he really did not think it was serious (cancer, etc) because that would have shown up on the tests I had already had done.  He did schedule a MRI which would show kidney stones or a torn ligament.  Yes, this showed nothing as well.  I was referred to a urologist because of the location of the pain.  When this doctor asked why I was needing his services I told him "because you are my last hope".  My urine test indicated I had a small amount of blood in the urine, not visible to the naked eye.

A nuclear renal scan was performed (I am allergic to iodine).  I have waited for three days for a diagnosis.  This may be strange but I was hoping something would be wrong.  When  I was told my kidney functions were normal I cried.  I cried and I laughed.  This doctor recommended I see a GI doctor.  In tears, I advised him that a GI doctor referred him in the first place.

I have no complaints with the doctors.  They are trying to find out what is wrong.  But I do not want to end up back in the emergency room.  I need pain control all the time now.

Right now I am waiting for the urologist to call the GI doctor to discuss my case.  I plan make an appointment with an acupuncturist to assist with the pain while I continue to find out the cause of it.

To summarize, I have had:  Blood tests, urine tests, x-ray, several CT's, a MRI and a renal scan.  

Movement makes it worse so I can not do any bending or physical activity.  It hurts all the time and it feels "hard".  It is not a sharp shooting pain.  When asked on a scale of 1 - 10, I rate it many times at 8, but at least at 6 to 7.  

Recently, a blood test indicated a raise in my glucose level. Pancreatitis?
Could it be scar tissue from a prior surgery?  Would that show up on any of the above tests?  Should I pursue a urine cytology test?

Any assistance at all would be appreciated,
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