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chronic halitosis

Hello, I'm a 24 yo woman. I've always had, or at least since I became self conscious, chronic halitosis. The only thing that I am managing it is to always chew gum, and change it every hour. It's having serious consequences in my social life and on my mental health.
The first thing that I did against it was the tonsillectomy thinking it was because of the tonsil stones. After the surgery I didn't notice any change. Then after a test I found out that I had Helicobacter Pylori and treated it with antibiotics. I don't remember what I exactly took but it was the only time ever my halitosis was gone. But after the therapy it returned, so I thought it was again the bacteria, but I've done more Helicobacter test (stool and breath test) and it was all right. First of all I want to specify I have an excellent mouth and dental care, my dentist have always said that there is nothing going wrong in my mouth. I often brush and floss (it became almost an obsession since this halitosis problem) and i always clean my tongue very deeply, i do everything possibile to maintain it clean, but nothing changes. I then thought it was coming from my gut bacteria (since only the antibiotics have worked) but after a stool analysis it emerged a slightly high escherichia coli, low enteroccocus and low bacteroides, which my doctor said to treat with probiotics. Nothing changes. The I did a gastroscopy which only resulted in: non-continent cardias and an
open pylorus (that is said to be normal during gastroscopy?). I thought that it may be because of the pylorus since it smells rotten. Also I've done my own research and found out about TMAU, which is told to be spreading the smell through the saliva (?) but my saliva is odorless.
If some more info might help: I have IBS, NERD and always a little pain in my throat.
I wish I could have some directions that might help me with what the diagnosis might be and the test I should take to confirm it as I connot spend anymore money in vain.
Thank you very much for any help
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The fact that your breath smell goes away when you're on a regimen of antibiotics,  it seems clear it's bacteria,  SOMEWHERE in your system that's causing this.  And bacteria would certainly cause a "rotten" or even a "dead" smell.  You say you don't remember what the antibiotic was that caused your halitosis to go away,  and you need to call your provider and find out what the antibiotic was.  And find out what bacteria that antibiotic kills,  and go from there.  You could have an infection anywhere - your nasal cavity,  your throat,  your gut,  etc.  Once you find out what antibiotic treated this problem effectively,  you can go from there.  Best wishes.
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If you do indeed have it it's most likely from something you're ingesting.  Like coffee -- no amount of anything gets rid of coffee breath.  Cigarette smoking can give you bad breath.  Eating certain things can give you bad breath, and that can differ by the person.  As for antibiotics, I think you've got them confused.  They kill indiscriminately, so they not only kill off the bacteria you're aiming for but also the beneficial bacteria that protects you, including your digestive system.  Getting your tonsils pulled for that purpose is very odd, and sounds like medical malpractice, as they are there to protect you from bad things getting into your throat.  Heliobacter is in everyone, so unless you have symptoms of a disease it's not necessarily a good idea to go after them with antibiotics.  The more you ask docs to do things to you the more money they make off of you, but a lot of this sounds like you're asking for intensive treatments for things that aren't responsible for bad breath.  Wish I could tell you what's causing it assuming you actually have it, but be careful what you ask docs for if you are otherwise healthy.  You were told to take probiotics in the hope they would replenish what the antibiotics killed.  Peace.
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I guess I would wonder who told you that you have this? Is it something you are basing on what people tell you, a taste in your mouth, or something you smell...?

What does your GI say about it?
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