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chronic headache

I have Chronic  Headache for the last 6-7 years, the pain is just in the left half of the head, from the eyebrow all the way to the back of my head, basically 24 hours a day, it’s just steady dull pain, I got  X-rays, Cat Scan and MRI, nothing abnormal found, I got Botox, Ajoby and other injection too with no results, Acupuncture,  6 or 7 different meds; nothing is working , I retired from an stressful job, no family problems but pain still here in daily basis; at this time I am trying  the acupressure that  reduced the pain to just about 15-20%, I applied it  myself 3 to 4 times a day, but it is not a solution just a temporary relief because it last just a couple hours. Doctors haven't been able to diagnose or find a solution. At this time, I am desperate
Any advice will be greatly appreciated it, Thanks    
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Check your teeth, also. I had a tooth that (I didn't know) was slowly cracking. It gave me terrible headaches. Finally, it cracked right off at the gum line, and that day the headaches ended. Couldn't believe it! The tooth had not been sore or shown any symptoms of being on the outs.
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I too have been going to the doctor for headaches. One thing my doctor ordered was X-rays of my neck to look for abnormalities as that to can lead to headaches.
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Have you went to the neurologist or headache specialist ? You might be having a kind of migraine like a ice pick headache .. what medications have you tried.. the neurologist can prescribe
Imitrex or a different migraine medicine to see if the pain subsides
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Hi, following my Jul22-2022 Inquire, I'm still with the daily headache, attached to the insomnia , my health is getting worse, I noticed that the headache origin is at the left side of the  back of my head and spread all around  to the left side of my forehead and I found that if I apply pressure and/or ice to the back of the neck next to to end of the skull the dull headache is temporarily reduced to 10%, so it is something wrong in that area, any similar case or experience or advice about it? Please let me know, thanks
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Thanks for your responses, I did the X-rays, arthritis found in the cervical spine, but the doctor said is not the headache's reason, I recently had my Dental check, and it is Ok, so still a mystery, I am running out of options.
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