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constand nausea,diarrhea, etc

3 years ago I had an unexplained bout of nausea, cramping ,diarrhea, gas, burping for weeks, went for testing with a gastro md and had sono blood and stool test, all negative, I stopped pursuing a answer because it eventually went away.  Now it is happening again, got a new GI doctor, had new testing done. this time blood, stool, gastric emptying, upper endo, colonoscopy, and CT Scan with contrast, all negative again. This time its been 6 weeks and still sick.  I swear this time it started by eating greek yogurt that was recommended to me by a dietician.  I ate it for 3 weeks once a day and stopped it because of the GI upset but im still sick. I can longer eat daily without getting more sicker.  My doctor has no idea what it could be but thinks that maybe I hae a small intestinal bacteria overgrowth(SIBO)  I am currently taking Xifaxin but she never ordered a breathing test or anything. In a few weeks I was schedualed for gastric bypass surgery which I am determained to have.  Just wondered if anyone has any clues what this could really be? I am a diabetic but has always been in a controlled range with pills. Another point of information about my health is my gallblader was removed 13 years ago. 8 years ago I had a lap band then last October I had it removed because I opted to do the gastric bypass instead which is in 3 weeks. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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thank you I appreciate the info
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IDN, however, a  naturopathic approach would likely involve-under your pressing circumstances, an elemental diet in conjunction with Demulcent
herbal supplementation.
Demulcent herbs, are rich in mucilage and can soothe, repair &  protect irritated or inflamed internal tissue.
For this, look into Aloe Vera gel  for transdermal application and Aloe Vera Juice for oral.
I'm afraid the internet resources won't be much help at this point.
My opinion is that you zero in the best options you have in front of you ASAP, pass them by your  bariatric surgeon perhaps (if s/he is open to this), or consider getting a consultation with a knowledgeable Naturopathic, Holistic or Functional Medicine Doctor.

Let us know how things workout for you.

Best wishes,
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You are right, what kind of doctor....... but the agony of staring all over again when time is of the essence is easier said then done. I had a breath test done by my bariatric surgeon and that was negative.
I have been on Xifaxin 3 times a day now for 1 week, the diarrhea  lessened but not the nausea, gas or food tolerance.  I get this kind of extension above my stomach under the breast area  only when the symptoms are active. That is why the CT scan was done.  I also get these onset feeling of intense hunger but after I eat I get nauseous again .  Thank you for replying to my post . I comb through the internet as often as possible to find anything that might be helpful .
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Now what kind of G/I specialist states that s/he has no idea what it is, suspects
SIBO, yet does no testing for it ( breath or D-xylose test ) and prescribes
Xifaxin in the dark?
You should insist for a firm dx, by getting tested.

So the key aspect of your issues is malabsorption, so I fail to see the
connection to the greek yogurt consumption.
Not tolerating something, is not enough to cause sustained malabsorption.

Other than SIBO, you may have gut dysbiosis and more specifically intestinal permeability, in which case Xifaxin is only making matters worse.
A PEG urine test ( gut permeability profile) may be in order as well, considering your upcoming gastric bypass.

IDK, I just get the feeling you're not in good hands and time is of essence.
You may have to really push, before you can move forward.
The last thing you want is going through this rather invasive and complex procedure with the added burden of compromised internal connective
tissues, SIBO or any other significant imbalance.

Was the gastric bypass scheduled before all this started (likely yes) and
can you postpone it? Have you gone through all the pre-op testing and have you met all the criteria?

Best wishes,
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