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daily headache


I am having a constant headache since a month all the time right from when i wake up in the morning, till I go to bed. I also went for an eye exam and i had +0.25 only on my right eye. The eye doctor said it was negligible and that wearing glasses would not help my headache. they also examined my retina and said it was healthy and everything looks normal. I am not taking any medicines for headache though. The only thing which has changed in my diet since a month is that I have given up having eggs and meat. Will that cause any headache? Please let me know if you have any questions or if you need more information about this. Kindly help me out with this.Though it is mild and bearable, it still keeps bothering me all the time, which make me irritated. Thanks in advance!!!

- Aishwarya
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Hmm, you should know your B12 and folate levels, specially their neurological forms indicated by the prefix "methyl" like in methlycobalamin B12 and methylfolate.
You need both an MMA test and Homocysteine CSF test in order to verify these levels.
Also B12 is vitamin D dependent, so it also useful to know your D levels.

Your diet, might be lacking B12 and other B complex vitamins, which maybe causing or at least contributing to your chronic headache.

One common issue which is not normally checked by doctors is the
build-up of histamine in the body-due to such deficiencies or low methylation- leading to a variety of allergic type of symptoms, including

Personally I would do just a trial of these vitamins (instead of testing) which should be only in the methyl forms. Sublingual drops in methylocobalamin B12 and D3 should work better.

Hope this helps,
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I agree with the answer about B12, but I would like to also add that try add magnesium, sometimes magnesium deficiency can cause headaches or migraines. You didn't mention if you are female or male, if female could be hormone related.
also try stay hydrated .
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Excellent points florida1979!

Transdermal "Magnesium Oil" treatments is the best way to supplement.
Oral magnesium is very inefficient when if comes to absorption and it also has laxative properties, so increased intake is not recommended.

florida1979, if you put your cursor over the member's username, a box opens and the second line -under the member username- is the gender.
In this case it's stated Female.
Often times though, it is inaccurate, for reasons known only to the member.

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Thank you so much for the comments. I hope it would help. I checked with my friends too and they told me it looks like a migraine headache. I also would like to add that i am having a problem while sleeping. for the past 3 - 4 days I suddenly wake up at the middle of my sleep for a second, i sit down and then i sleep again. I also get random dreams. I almost get around 4 - 5 different dreams in one night. I really don understand why i get those. Every dream feels like real. Please help me out.
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Do you know anything about Chakras?
Try opening and rebalancing your Chakras.

Calming gemstones you can put under your pillow are:
aquamarine, amethyst, howlite, smokey quartz etc.

If I were to choose one for sleep and calmness it would be howlite, which also helps to rebalance all Chakras.
Make sure to you buy one that  is in its pure form and not color treated.
If the color is too nice, it could be treated.
Sweet dreams!

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: -) good one Niko. Nice and easy idea:) but i am afraid i cannot buy such stones here in US and even if its available it might be too costly to afford.
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Howlite cost is not a consideration.
Etsy has 50 Natural White Howlite Beads 8MM 16" necklace starting at  about $3.50 plus shipping. Please check it out. You don't need high quality
as long as the stones are all natural.
My daughter is a Reiki Master and I'll be going for my Reiki Master attunement in 2 weeks. We combine Reiki with Chakra healing and gemstones, for an amazing experience.
It is quite powerful, yet very subtle and Spiritual.
I have had people tell me that their 1 hour session, was their best hour in the entire lives. Other people tell me that they want their last experience in this life to be just as Divine and Spiritual.  


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