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2 testicular hydroceles
huge 9mm salivary stone
many kidney and bladder stones
possible gall stone, multiple gall polyps, sludgy non working gallbladder
unexplained gastro issues
unexplained muscle pains and joint pains
newly discovered dried out back disc protrusion at L4/L5
Various calcifications elsewhere such as pelvis tissue

I admit I dont drink much water and on top of that have a cofee and energy drink habit which on average puts me at  about an average of 32 ozs of caffeine drinks a day

recently i have a chronic dry mouth, no energy, dry skin, itchy, bruise easy, dont sleep right, cant work out anymore as i can only lift about 20 percent of usual weight, i.e I use to bench press 210 lbs and now can barely do 80 lbs, dizzy upon standing, get really sick if out in sun

is there such a thing as long term dehydration and do these issues fit?

seems to me all my body problems such as stones, growths, muscles all have one thing in common, a lack of water
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There is a possibility that you have Sjogren’s syndrome. Diabetes insipidus is another possibility that can result in water loss from the body. Too many energy drinks rich in calcium can also result in multiple calcium stones and calcification. It can also be due to metastaitic calcification in the body due to cancer.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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I was just tested for sjogrens, the ssa and ssb test and they were negative, i was sure i had this, fits since i have always well atleast for 15 years had chronic stones but only in kidneys, then the salivary started about ten years ago, now i just seem dehydrated everywhere even though if i went to a hospital they probably would not traet me with a water iv drip if that makes sense, I do have a positive rh factor i am hoping a rheumatalogist can help me figure this out, but right now seems i have to deal with gallbladder surgery because of polyps, i am convinced that these polyps are from dehration regardless of what I am told.
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