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delayed myelination?

To make a long story short..I just found this page while researching my baby's problems. He had an MRI done at 11 weeks that showed delayed myelination. It was only that of a 3 week old amongst some other issues. He has hypotonia, but has made tons of progress in the past 6 weeks though. The therapist said if she didn't know his history now that she would say he's just a little low toned, but other than that normal. He also has these spells where he "checks out". He also has swallow dysfunction, reflux, a heart murmer caused by ASD and apnea. All of the genetic tests have come back negative so far. My nephew who is 16 months old had an MRI last week that showed his myelin developed to that of a 9 month old. Does anyone have any idea's as to what this might be or been through it?
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There are various causes of delayed myelination, prematurity being one of tem. Intracranial hemorrhage while birth is another possibility. Poor blood supply to brain due to some blood vessel defect is also a possibility. You can get further information at: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Neurology/delayed-myelin-development/show/897112
Maybe you can seek another opinion from a neonatologist. Take care!
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Thanks for the response. He's been hospitalized several times and had numerous tests done. He sees a geneticist, neurologist, GI, cardiologist, pulmonologist, and an eye doc and nobody can figure out what's going on. As a matter of fact we're in the hospital right now having a video EEG done. All of the tests have come back negative, which is GREAT, but also leaves us with no answers. They are sending us to Vanderbilt to get some more thoughts on it...but I was hoping to find someone out there that's seen something like him.
I'm just hoping to find an answer incase there is more that we can do for him. They are still unable to tell us if this is fatal too..so if we have an answer then we will know more of what the future holds.
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