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dialated pupils?

Okay, I've noticed that my pupils will randomly expand for hours at a time for no reason and it's become really embarassing. I didnt know if this is related to a previous drug habit from about 2 and a half years ago, or something else. I can usually feel when this is about to happen because I feel this weird pressure behind my eyes and I get kind of light headed. Even my family has asked me if I took anything when it's happened right in front of them. Is this normal, is there anything i can do, and will it ever go away?

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Interesting question & not a simple answer. Easy ex: a light
shined in eye 'constricts' & when taken away it dilates. This
tests the 'autonomic-reflex' which tests your brainstem. I'm not
referring to rt/lft hemispheres. Eyes can 'delay pupil action'
from a neuro problem or damage. 'Look @ my nose' then the lt. is
shined, tests brainstem or conciousness. Hd-concussion will be
delayed or not change pupil reflex. Depending on country, brain-
dead varies. You can be dead & non-functioning, yet brainstem
will allow pupils to react w/ stimulus. In US it means 'this
person is not a person' & will eventually become a vegetative
state. If in a coma & can't move, pupils will still respond along w/ heartbeat. Special testing is done to really ck. brain
pattern now to separate stem response vs hemispheres before you
are pronounced. Never heard anyone say they feel pupils dilate.
Pupils can dilate from drugs. They also can dilate from rage,
anger, surprise, a person you're attracted to. Shake hands w/
your favorite movie star & eyes will be saucers. If you are in
accident & paralyzed, you will be asked to blink once if you
understand. Now they know how brain is functioning. In your
case, long term drug use 'may' have left some residual disrupt.
If you really feel something strange, go to Opthalmologist. They
will dilate eyes & ck. retina/optic nerves/etc. Make sure you
wear UV sunglasses outside since darkness dilates & can cause
more UV in. A light tint UV lens works same to protect. The dark
tint is just for glare/tolerance. Test yourself in a dim/dark
room w/ a sm. or penlight while using a mirror or have someone
ck. Shine light in one eye quick & see pupil constrict then
remove & eye should normalize. If drunk, pupil stays wide. If
accused of drugs, get a penlight & ask them to test reflex. Not
all pupils normalize to same sz.  Hope this helped you & those
sunloving folks. Dilated eyes get cataracts & retinal problems.
The UV goes in, just like a sunburn to skin. They say the eyes
are a window to your soul. If your soul gets turned on, it's a
giveaway. Get your eyes ck'd to resolve the comments.
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