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dizzy. tingly feeling and tunnel vision with halos and stars

For years now i've been experiencing these what i believed to be anxiety attacks, until recently someone has brought to my attention it can be because anxiety doesn't have halos nor stars. My symptoms are first it starts out with my vision tunnels until completely black with starts and halos, then i get this wave of tingly kinda like when you put your tongue on a battery, then m speech gets scared, when i try to say something. It happens when im sitting when i walk around, the one thing that i dont understand is even tho i blacked out i still know where im at im still aware of my surroundings. ive been searching and all ive come up with is mild seizures
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Yes, it can be focal seizures or retinal migraines. What is very apparent is that you must get a complete eye checkup by an eye specialist and not just by an optometrist. This loss of vision in the peripheral visual field can be due to optic nerve damage caused by glaucoma, high internal eye pressure, retinal detachment, occlusion of blood supply as in eye stroke, optic neuritis, and optic nerve edema. Tunnel vision is also possible after a history of head injury, concussion, brain damage and stroke, though all these causes may not be applicable in your case.
Well smoking, high far sightedness, retinitis pigmentosa, air pollution, heavy alcohol consumption and glaucoma should also be looked into apart from diabetes as a cause for halo vision.
All symptoms put together point towards hypoglycemia, transient ischemic attacks, migraines, or focal seizures.
Please consult a neurologist and an eye specialist. It could be that your other symptoms are due to anxiety but eye symptoms need to be checked. Take care!
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It could be a seizure caused by pressure on the brain stem. Did you hit your head? If not that then you could be anemic. Are you vegetarian? Be careful, take care.  
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I beleive what you are experiencing is vertigo. If you close your eyes, the dizziness will go away.
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