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dizzyness & first seizure- PLEASE ADVISE

My 16 yr old daughter was taken to the doctors 12 days ago due to dizzyness, weakness & three strange lumps (1 on her index finger,  1 on back of thigh, 1 near ribcage; lumps do  not hurt and do not seem to be "attached" to muscles and cause no pain). Doc said she probably had a virus. 3 days ago she had a seizure like a granmal. 1st one she's ever had. Blood tests were unremarklable however a CT and MRI showed lesions on her frontal lobe. Pediatric Neurologist explained that she has a larger space than the average person around the blood vessels in her frontal lobe; did not seem concerned about this. Doc said nothing on the mri showed she was in any danger. My daughter still has dizziness. An EEG is scheduled but the neurologist says he doesent think its epiliepsy as she passed all his tests which would indicate a neurological problem like that. My daughter does have  juvenile diabetes and the dizziness makes her feel like glucose is low but it is fine. She believes her first symptom of dizziness came after neck traction at the chiropractor. What do we do when nothing explains the dizziness or seizure? She is also peeing 3 or 4 times as much as usual but her glucose levels have been fine. We are really worried. Thank you for your expertise!
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I am no doctor but I have had Epilepsy for 37 yrs. And I am here to tell you that even though your daughter passed all the doctors (co-ordination and balance) tests, it is still possible that she could have this. I can pass the tests given by my neurologist, accept of course the EEG. You cant pass an EEG when you have Epilepsy. Usually after an episode of a Grand Mal Seizure the person will go into a sleep like state for several hours.If this doctor seems to be this un-concerned about your daughter I would consider finding another neurologist. I would most definetly get another opinion. Hope you get an answer soon.
NOTE: watch her around flashing lights, video games computer screens and tv shows with a lot of flashing. Sometimes these can trigger a seizure.
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has her blood been tested by Doctor or you. it makes a difference.I say shes got diabetes. and needs a better chiropractor.
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Get a gycosylated hemoglobin level checked to see if the overall glucose control is fine. If it is, then dizziness can be due to PCOD, thyroid disorders, adrenal gland problems or due to pinched nerve in the neck—possible due to traction also.
Generally low sodium or blood sugar precipitates non epileptic seizures. Another possibility is brain ischemia or low oxygen. Sleep disorders and benign positional vertigo can also cause both dizziness and seizures. Please discuss this with your daughter’s treating doctor. Take care!
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