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do i have social anxiety disorder introvert???

Hi i am wondering how the F**k i been feeling this. since i was younger ive been always feeling like someone critisize me big time. i think it has something to do with causing me from my childhood to blame? what else to blame me. its hard to socialize to me. sometimes i feel so stupid like a brick wall when people look at me or deal with people. whats wrong with me. ive been around family and other relatives i believe when i was younger putting me down or something. somehow i have a strong low selefsteen level. its hard like shy or introvert or something. its like im uncomfortable around other people. what the hell is wrong with me. i wish i can push this and speak with people not scared of other say to me. i feel stupid. also it robs me in work i often try to ignore eye contact and like frozen. i feel strongly someone is going to criticize me. especially at work which i get alot. it ***** with my head especially the job forman manager. watching every move on me FML.
im afraid of speaking to talk or cant even hold up a smart cold conversation. what the hell is wrong with me.
i feel very stuck and out of place outcast. this is a disorder im ****** up.  whats the main cause for this social anxiety disorder?  i struggle daily im like 26 years old getting older. single male and i feel ****** stupid.
this thing is making me mentally sick. weekends i feel very alone and often i feel scared in going to the store to go buy something. i feel im gettin older and i feel like it is phobia or worse. i don't go out. this is *****. i don't have any friends. i cant hold conversations.  i have a facebook account and i am also pissed off that i am still afraid of adding friends. ive had friends in highschool but don't see them anymore. i have fear in people i cant even talk or hold great conversations. this is holding me back big time even in my life. at jobs referances i am afraid and cant even have referance.
what is wrong with me is there a medicine to this thing. is my brain F**ked up. i need help.
i don't know what to do. Social anxiety ***** big time.
no friends only my dog.
going out is hard enough. going out to my house like garage i feel like my neighboors are judging me. thats messed up. i feel like everyone is or wants me to be hell. the chemestry i feel in my brain is sad like i cant speak or break out my self. chained. restrained in a chair of social anxiety of not speaking.
why do i have this social anxiety disorder.
like at work when i feel like i want to talk to someone or cant even speak due to this anxiety to talk.
i end up beating up myself and feel very angry at myself. like bottled up.
i get pissed off at myself alot . fear anxiety *****..
this is scary. i want to know what i can do to help or remedys on this.
type of feeling.
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Hi typex , from what you have said you need to sit down with your Family Doctor , Please don't hold back any longer , what you need to do is let it all out with him/her they will listen to you and give you all the help you need , but you must take that first step , getting it off your chest will be a big relief plus they will treat you accordingly ,

Please take care , the help is there for you please use it ,  
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Excerpt from Nutritional Healing - Serotonin...

"Serotonin deficiency signs/symptoms:

Obsessive compulsive tendency
Think about the same things over & over again
Self destructive, masochistic or suicidal thoughts/plans
Low self esteem/confidence
Anger/rage/explosive behavior/assaultive
Sleep problems/light sleeper
Crave sugar/carbohydrates/alcohol/marijuana
Use these substances to improve mood & relax
Feel worse in and dislike dark weather
Chronic pain (e.g. headaches, backaches, fibromyalgia)
Antidepressants or 5-HTP improve mood
Family history of depression/anxiety/OCD/eating disorders"

Excerpt from Integrative Psychiatry - Serotonin...

"The following factors can cause low serotonin levels:

Artificial sweeteners (aspartame)
Cigarette Smoking
Dietary deficiencies of nutrient co-factors
Ecstasy, Diet Pills, and certain medications
Genetic Predisposition
Hormone Imbalances (thyroid, adrenal, estrogen)
Insulin Resistance
Poor Diet
Lack of exercise
Lack of sunlight
Problems converting tryptophan to Serotonin
Problems with Digestion
Stress and Anger
High Cortisol Levels

Serotonin Treatment

Once your natural serotonin levels are low enough to cause syptoms it is very difficult to significantly raise serotonin levels enough by food alone. SSRI's or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and SNRIs, serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors do not actually increase the amount of serotonin molecules in the brain. SSRI’s are thought to block the reabsorption (reuptake) of serotonin by certain nerve cells in the brain. This theoretically leaves more serotonin available in the brain. However if you have low serotonin to begin with these medications either will not work well, or work for a while then "poop out".

Natural serotonin supplements are likely to be the most effective means to raise serotonin levels in the brain while being safe and without the side effects of anti depression medications. Derived from seeds of Griffonia simpicifolia, a native African plant, 5-HTP, or 5-hydroxy tryptophan, is a safe dietary supplement that introduces higher levels of tryptophan into the blood stream which then enter the central nervous system and facilitate the needed synthesis of serotonin.

Lifestyle Changes to increase Serotonin:

Get plenty of exercise (30 minutes at least three times a week)
Eat regularly throughout the day.
Get plenty of natural sunlight
Manage stress and negative emotions
Get 6-8 hours of quality sleep a night
Set time aside for fun and relaxation
Take a multivitamin daily
Prayer and Meditation
Take a serotonin supplement"
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