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extreme chills, vomiting, diarrhea, no fever

I am currently suffering through another bout of a problem I have experienced before. Usually wake up with extreme chills, panic, and sometimes diarrhea and vomiting. Today it has lasted all day -- coming and going. Sometimes temperature drops to 96 something but today always between 97 something and 99. Feels like food poisoning but no fever? Feel like punched in kidneys, bad muscle aches, and of course the extreme chills requiring multiple blankets in a 74 degree room. Also aching testicles like in a high fever. Not surprisingly very lethargic.

Health history is cluster headaches since 13 and often get them after a "fit" like this... although had cluster headaches long before these fits. Today that happened again and headache was a 12 on the pain scale of 10. Diagnosed bipolar although not 100% sure about that. Docs had me on a laundry list of meds including Actiq which I tried to quit cold turkey which earned me my diagnosis. I take 150mg Lyrica daily and 50mg Seroquel. No other meds or OTCs except Excedrin and oxygen for headaches.
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do you take any fever reducing pills u might be sick but if you take the feer reducers then you will not have one i recommend going to the doctor very soon and getting that checked out not your normal doctor a different one cause your normal one might try to put you on some more pills not knowing  doing a thorough check so go to a doctor you do not know and have them check it out and they might send you to a specialist i have had this but i cant throw up i had bronchitis and you could be having kidney stones i suggest you drink grapefruit juice and dont drink soda or eat un healthy food drink citrus and eat bananas kidney stones can cause a lot of those symptoms
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I would suggest that you seek a second opinion about your situation.  Your symptoms are difficult to endure.  Try to find a top doctor, if you can---at least an internal medicine doctor who is board certified. I am sure you have wondered if these symptoms could be related to your medication, but you just want know without a complete evaluation from a competent physician. Good luck.
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