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Hi forum members,

Since few weeks I am noticing that I am having some sort of white discharge from my eyes (both) and some time times it is not only irritating but also has some burning feeling. It also leads to headaches often. I had shown it to one doctor who thought it was some sort of allergy, but this is lasting too long. Can any one advice please?

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Eye discharge commonly results from inflammatory and infectious eye disorders, but may also occur in certain systemic disorders.

Is the eye discharge at certain times of the day or in connection with certain activities? Are your eyes sensitive to light? Is it associated with redness, increased lacrimation or crusting? Then it can be conjunctivitis (bacterial, viral or fungal)

It can also be due to Allergies, including seasonal allergies or hay fever or due to Chemical irritants (such as chlorine in a swimming pool or makeup)

You should a apply cool compresses to soothe itching, apply warm soaks to soften crusts on the eyelids and lashes, then gently wipe the eyes with a soft gauze pad. Taking antihistamine eye drops and refrigerated artificial tears also help. Avoid touching the unaffected eye and refrain from sharing pillows, wash cloths, eye drops, or eye makeup with others. You can also get culture and sensitivity studies to identify infectious organisms.

If the symptoms persist then pls consult an eye specialist.

Pls do keep us posted on how you are doing

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How are you? Is it a clear discharge or thick white mucus like discharge?
Burning and itchy eyes with white discharge raises the suspicion of psoriasis. It could also be an eye infection.
Please consult an ophthalmologist and undergo a complete eye exam. You can discuss these possibilities also. Take care!
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