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feeling dizzy, weak, pressure right side of my face and arm and white tongue !?

Ok so I am a 36yr old male, 5,9" - 176pounds. I had a pretty active lifestyle with 3 to 4 crossfit workouts per week, i'm trying to eat healthy for the past year (lost 45pounds in 6 months) and i'm working as an architect.

Now about 10 days ago i had an incredible intense training session where i went way to far but i felt ok. I went for a walk a few hour afterwards with a friend and his kids and suddenly i nearly fainted, everything started to spin and i fell down, i stayed awake but it took 10mins or so for me to be able to get back up.
Ever since that point i've been feeling dizzy, very very tired all the time like i can fall asleep instantly, stuffy whenever i'm somewhere inside with no open windows, feeling very weak and my tongue seems to have some sort of white rash (doesn't hurt just weird white huge spots like a world map). I offcourse went to the doc, he took blood samples and had them checked (for nearly everything) and they came back perfect, healthy as a person can be ! The doc thinks it might be stress or burn out or something but for me that feels like an "easy diagnose", i'm an anxious person myself, i'm always wobbling and nervous and stuff but i don't feel stressed or stuff. (i think)
Soms moments are much better where i hardly feel anything at all (often when eating or relaxing but not always, yesterday i was in a restaurant with my gf, no stress, relaxing and i felt very stuffy and dizzy) other moments i feel like i'm nearly fainting. I'm going to the doc (again) tonight seeing if he can "order" a ct scan or something, i have no idea what this can be and that's driving me crazy offcourse ! if i'm thinking about it or doing research on the internet (bad idea i know) they symptoms seem to get worse or at least i'm focussing on them more !
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oh and i forgot to mention the right side of my face feels weird, like very very very slight numb or tingly feeling, my right arm feels abit heavier then my left one land tingly aswel and my right eye is weird aswel feels blurry or something.
only thing i can think about now offcourse is a tumor in the brain so i really think i need to get that scan...
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It doesn't hurt to go get a follow up appointment or even a second opinion- don't underestimate what anxiety and stress can do to your body though.  How did your follow up at your doctor go?
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