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feet hurt

when waking in the morning my feet hurt so badly, when i get out of bed i half to walk on the sides of my feet and hold on to the railing to beable to move around. the pain eventualy goes away but my feet are only a little sore through out the day. im a 37 year old stay at home mom with a 3 year old and a 7 month old, they keep me busy but i dont run due to bad ankles and most of our activities are indoors because of the winter, this just started about 2 months ago. anyone with any ideas?
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HI Karinna,
Where are your feet hurting. Is it all over? Your toes? Your heels? If it is in your heels sometimes heel spurs can cause terrible pain and it can radiate and make it really hard to walk. Also there are different types of arthritis and such too. A podiatrist might be able to help you with both your ankle troubles and your foot pain. In 2003, I had to have surgery on my left foot (heel) because of a bad heel spur. But there are all kinds of things that can cause foot pain. Hubby went to this store here where we live and got special inserts for his shoes kind of like orthotics and it really helps his feet. I hope you can get some help and be pain free soon. Peace
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it feels like it is all over, it feels like someone has ahold of my feet and is just twisting and crushing them. but i am going to make an appt with the doc and see what he might half to say. im just trying to figure it out myself due to i have so many other things going on and finding time is just hard. thanks for your post.
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Foot pain can be a symptom of a more serious condition sometimes so it is good you are getting this checked out. I know what is like to try to find time and such. If wherever you go (a regular doc) cannot help which they should be able to and to direct you. Consider a foot doc or rheumatologist. Things like RA (Rheumatoid arthritis), for example can cause pain in the feet. But so can things like Diabetic problems. So I am glad you are getting checked out. I am sorry I cannot be of more help, but if regular otc things and elevation, and ice and things like that are or no help and if this is chronic you are smart to get it looked at. Good luck and hope your feet stop hurting soon. Peace
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In the last 3-4 months i have noticed my feet are sore as well....when i wake in the morning it takes everything i have to walk on them.
It's every where Ankle, heel, arch, outstep and even into the balls of my toe area. After a few min's of walking it's not as bad, but still throughout the day it's tender in the outside of my foot mostly.
Im going this week to get Orthotics of my shoes in hopes that would help. I know i have a bad lower lumbar back would this be a cause? If so what should i do, My doc seems to just give me med's and tells me to get the inserts for my shoes. It's painful and i hate it.
Im 27 and a stay at home mom to my 4 month old son. What should i do? Suggestions?????
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When I first get out of bed in the mornings...my feet hurt as well. My pain is more in the middle of my feet though. I guess where my arches are....but on the top. AFter a few minutes that gets better. My feet have always been painful on the outer edges after I walk for a long distance.
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Another possibility is Plantar Fasciitis.  This is a somewhat common cause of morning foot pain.  I hope this is helpful to someone.
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