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feverish, on and off

can someoone shed some light re this feeling that ive been experiencing for a month or so now.

most days, i feel warm inside but not to touch. my eyes/ ears  would sometimes feel warm. whenever id check with an oral thermometer, it's always between 96.8- 99.3, depending on what time of day, what type of activity im engaged in, or where i had been.   9 out of 10 times, it's always below 98.6.  no other well-defined accompanying symptoms.

im 37, male, consider myself fairly healthy person.   back when i was a kid, i was diagnosed with sinusitis and allregic rhinitis.   so having colds/ congestion all the time  is normal to me.  i also smoke about 4 sticks a day, so having phlegm in the back of my throat seems normal to me.  

if i may add, i feel weakened by this.  not sure if its becasue i m sufering from an undiagnosed disease or its the anxiety thats causing this general weak feeling.  im able to work and go about my day so i doubt that i am physically weak.  at this point i think its psychological.  
i posted prevuiously under std/hiv community because i thought i may have been exposed to it.  but ive been told that with the type of activity that i do ( strictly mutual masturbation with the same sex), that i have zero exposure to hiv.  

if i go to my doctor, what would i tell him? that i feel feverish without fever.  as for other symptoms, there arent any really.  please help.  thanks
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btw, headaches due to congestion are common to me- esp when im experiencing sinus presuure. sinus infections about once a year.  as for allergic rhinitis, i have them every time the season changes.  i take zyrted with that and it seems to help.  but the feverish feeling started just about a month or so ago and it comes and goes. i dont know if i should worry or not.
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can anyone please respond to my post earlier?  i need some answers.   i have ear pain in my left ear as im writing this. my temp is 98.2 right now.  what is considered a low-grade fever? 96+ to 99+ considered a fever or is it just me?
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The feverish feeling on and off that you get is expected if you have constant congestion, rhinitis and phlegm. You need to quit smoking and get an allergy test done to know what you are allergic to.
Since there is so much loss of water in phlegm and sinusitis and rhinitis, you need to drink plenty of fluids. Also you would need to take multivitamins. Taking fluids and multivitamins will bring the body back to normal.
No that is not low grade fever. Sometimes an Eustachian tube (tube connecting ear to throat) block can cause these pressure (pain) symptoms. Try valsalva maneuver (take a deep breath and blow while pinching your nostrils shut and closing your mouth). This will help clear the secretions in the tube that connects the back of your throat with your ear.
Hope this helps. I think you should discuss these possibilities with your doctor. It is difficult to comment beyond this without examining. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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thanks so much for your response. what a relief to hear this from you that i dont have a real fever.  taking fluids is something that i struggle with.  i drink lots of coffee and soda throughout the day but not water.  as for vitamins, i take one a day on a regular basis.  i will keep you posted. for now, i will take lots of fluid and see if anything changes.
otherwise, i will make an appt to see my doctor. thanks again
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