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flank pain radiates to back and to buttock down leg

i been having pain for quite some time. ive had admonial ct scan pelvis ct scans sonograms chest ct scans blood work. everything came back fine. i am experiencing right flank pain that radiates to my lower back down the buttocks to the leg. i also have pelvic pain. i get somewhat pain on left side but very dull and highly un-noticed. the dr ruled out kidney stones /appendacitis. i also have blue veins and poor circulation on my legs. i have no fever and am not pregnant. i also get headaches spine and upper back pain. not sure whats going on mYBE I NEED  a chiropractor not sure what this is. ive been gettn panic attack over how scary this is. please if anyone has heard of this or can give me advice please let me know thanks
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Hello, I can understand your concern of not knowing.  It is possibly it could be a pinched nerve or disc issue in your thoracic/lumbar spine only another CT or MRI will tell for sure. I would NOT recommend going to the chiropractor until after you determine the cause.  

Hopefully you can find the answer soon and get some relief,.  Have A Nice Night.  
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I have experienced similar to you, I have Sciatica which i'm sure you know is trapped nerves in between the disc's of your spine and when this happens it can be very painfull to the point you can't walk, sit or just generally get comfortable each day when you have it. Your headaches could be due to the constant pain and the stress it brings with it,as you can't help consentrating on  the pain as it is constantly there. I have now started doing gental exercising which is helping to strenghten my muscles protecting my back and from it i'm not experiencing the pain as much. Gental excercising could also help with your circulation.I hope i have helped you by answering your question .Good luck and take care.
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There is a chance that you have compression of the spinal nerves in the lumbo-sacral spine region. This can happen due to overuse of the lower back as in work requiring too much of bending, lifting weight, fall on the back, overweight, canal stenosis, bone disease, spondylosis, poor posture etc. Poor posture while sleeping, sitting on computers or jobs for a long time, uneven bed, exposure of back to cold air while sleeping can cause a discomfort for a few days. Please consult a neurologist. A MRI of the spine is definitely required. Take a multivitamin, plenty of fluids, and an OTC analgesic. Apply a local analgesic and sleep with a hot water bottle and see if it helps. If this does not help, consult a neurologist. The treatment is to remove the compression. You have to discuss the best treatment option with a neurologist, which can range from medication to physiotherapy to traction, lumbar belts or even surgery. Take care!
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thanks everyone i appreciate it! also i have very painful joints, could this also be a result of pinched nuerves? i guess i get nervous and think the worst like lyme disease however never found a tick. . this all has been going on since the end of august. thank so much for help and support
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Hello There are so many things that can cause painful joints-  weather the pinched nerve that is a possibility in your low back is causing the joint would depend on where the joint pain is.  If it is in your legs Yes it is possible, if it is body wide joint pain, then it is less likely the pinched nerve is causing it.  There are so many things that can cause joint pain anything from Lyme Disease as you know to, infection, over working the joints, Arthritis, cancer, Gout, Fibromyalgia, and the list goes on and on.  

I know this is kind of vague but with joint pain/muscle pain etc numerous factors could be relating to the pain.  Check with you doctor.  There are tests/labs/Specialists in this area that can better pinpoint why you are having it and order the necessary treatment to help relieve it.  Have A Nice Night!
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thanks so much. yeah i went to my dr today got tests for lyme disease because now the pain is all over in my right leg knees behind knees calfes lil in my arms and wrist and left leg too. righty now right leg more and left ankle its weird and scary. my dr told me if i do have lyme disease that the joint pain will be permanent and theres no furthur treatment for that. i went camping from aug-19-21 and started having symptoms of headaches on the night of the 23rd. has anyone heard of this? im soo nervous now. she wouldnt even give me an antiobiotic for now, horrible. so upsetting let me know if anyone ever heard of that
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oh ands also what type of dr should i go to?
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Your doctor will refer you to the appropriate doctor if a different type is needed, your doctor may treat you but if need a pain specialist etc your doc will refer you out.    Here is a good site to look at if you do have Lyme disease it give a lot of good info.   www.chroniclymedisease.com/llmd-referrals            I hope this helps.  
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