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foggy brain and candida vs anxiety please read and comment

Hello everyone.. I really hope someone can help me because I am considering ending my life, I simply cannot bare to feel like this anymore..
I am a 21 year old female living in the UK.  I am about 4-5 stone overweight and am a university student.  My grandmother died when I was 15 and I began binge eating (mainly on sugary foods).  I havent binged now for a week which I am proud of :o) so I am changing things in that way.

Shortly after my nan died (about 6 months) I began to just not feel right.. almost a bit fluey.  I had no confidence and was sad about her dying, but this feeling of being a bit spaced out was new to me.  This has progressed to the point where now I have no life it seems because on a daily basis I deal with the following symptoms..
Brain fog.. a feeling of "unreality", dreaminess
Slight confusion.. silly things like forgeting what "Thankyou" is in Spanish when I am doing a degree in it!
A very dull headache at the front of my forehead that is  like a pressure
Visual disturbances in some situations.. bright lights cause halos round people's heads and white zig zags
Bad tiredness/fatigue
Cant be bothered with anything.. no sex drive.
The only physical symptom I have spots down there on the pubic hair and dark circles under my eyes.  And sometimes I have diarreah.
I am trying to hard to have a healthy diet but it is not making much difference?  I went to see 2 alternative health clinics and they both did the same test where they put a sensor on yhour hand and test for intolerances.  I came up for Candida both times.  But the treatment for one of the was 110 pounds a month!!  The diet seemed ridiculous (no dairy, sugar, fruit, carbs, oats, sweetener, oil, potatoes, wheat etc etc!!) and I threw myself into it for 2 months but felt no different so came off it and began bingeing again!  Does anyone belive in Candida?  My DR says it is a load of rubbish.. he has given me a prescription for Nystatin for a week.. to shut me up about candida I guess!!  I know cuttig out wheat and sugar could benefit me but it seems this extreme diet stresses me out more..

I am seeing a specialist in eating disorders and he thinks I am depressed and have anxiety.  I suppose I agree with this.. I am VERY hard on myself and my nans dceath was so hard for me back then.  I have joined a Buddhist meditation group to try and help me to relax and it is very enjoyable.

I am just desperate for answers so I can fix the problem here.  Can depression cause the above symptoms?  I do feel run down and that would be explained by an overgrowth of Candida but I am overweight and depressed and this can make you run down I think.  I really don't know what to do.. learning to relax and be happy and being on the Candida diet dont go together and I need to know what the right thing to do is.  I have quit uni twice cause of this and need to get it sorted really..

All I know is that the symptoms get worse in Drs appointments/hair appointments/class maybe when I feel a bit paranoid and ugly?

Does anyone know anything about this? Sorry to waffle on.. but thats it now


Laura xx
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Hi Laura,

Ive just been reading your post and Ive been suffering similar to you for the past 7mths.  Mine started after being really run down and stressed at work and has just carried on since.  Im also called Laura by the way.  

I understand how you are feeling as I too have had many days ive felt so bad ive wanted to not live anymore.  7mths ago I had a happy life and was okay, then work got stressful and I seemed to get ill alot, and now Ive had constant headaches, bad throat, tiredness, stomach trouble.  Basically lots of things.  I too recently got tested for candida and mine came back with high levels, but my GP rubbished the idea too.  So far all Ive been diagnosed with is sinus problems/allergies, but I know its not that, I am also wondering if its candida, but no doctors seem to acknowledge it.  Ive started the anit-candida diet, although its tough to stick to, it can take 3 or 4 mths to get rid of it.  Im no expert or anything Ive just been researching a bit on the net.

Please don't feel alone, after going on medhelp Ive realised there are many people in our boat.  I recently got put on antidepressants, think the doctor though it could be related to stress/depression, but it hasn't gone away and although I have felt very low, its only because I am so sick of this.

I know what you are going through but please hold on and don't walk out on life.  Im only young myself, 25 yrs old and never thought Id have felt this low at times, but somehow im hanging in there, although there has been days ive felt I couldn't.  If you want to talk my email address is avail if you want it.  Just let me know.
Ive noticed you are in england too, Im down in the Midlands.

Don't give up, please. I know how hard it is.

Take Care, Laura x
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General Doctors are far too ignorant and unwilling to diagnose candida; that would take money away from them and all the pharmaceutical companies.  Since you have tested positive, I would definitely stick to the diet STRICTLY as well as taking a very good probiotic (Threelac seems to be a favorite, or even a prescription one) and possibly even an anti-fungal prescription (these two are a must in bad cases).  This will make the effects seen quicker and may not take more than a month for you to realize the results.  Also Garlic is a good natural anti-fungal.  If you two are having trouble getting support from your doctor, maybe find one that is more experienced in such things and willing to help.

Also laumandu, candida and allergies have been associated, and may be the cause of your allergies.  Also what test did your GP conduct that showed positive, and if you remember what were your levels?  I have very similar symptoms and am going to get tested, but I am not sure of a good test yet.  But I at least have a supportive doctor.  

I am also wondering what made both of your doctors even do a test for candida in the first place, most are unwilling to even think about such a thing.  Please keep me informed.
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My GP didn't test me for candida, I had it done with a company through the national candida society as I suspected I may have it.  My GP rubbished the idea but is referring me to a gastro doctor, who will probably do the same.

My allergies got worse in May, and I wonder as you say could this be related.  The test I has measured IG antibodies using elisa technology, and it found high levels.  My doctor doesn't really believe in it through.  

Ive been taking candigest plus and garlic capsules etc and a probiotic and think I will continue with the diet.

Its so frustrating that noone knows what is causing my symptoms and the doctor seems quick to assume it must be depression.  I am suffering with it, but only as ive been suffering ill health for so many months.

Thanks for your post. I hope you manage to feel better soon
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Can I ask what made you suspect it in the first place?  I am still amazed that this is something that I had to research and suggest, and the doctors get paid the big money.  It is very aggravating to think that your doctor may not have your best interest in mind.  I hope you are able to find someone that is helpful.  

There are two main things that seem to fit for me, and seemingly you since we have very similar symptoms.  One is the candida and the other is celiacs, or gluten allergy.  I am going to get tested for both; already did the celiacs and I do have the genetic marker that 90% have but I need more testing to see for sure.  I am not too familiar with all the IG antibodies, but I do know the next test I am doing to see about celiacs/gluten is the Iga Antibody ELISA test and one test I have already done was for IGg....I don't know how that corresponds to the high levels of IG antibodies you found, but it might be something you could consider.  Maybe you are allergic to gluten and that's why the candida diet didn't show improvement if you were still consuming gluten.  If you haven't already at least google "celiacs" or gluten allergy, the symptoms between it and candida are very similar.

I don't mean to confuse you or make you feel like you don't know what the cause is anymore, it very well could be candida, I just want you to make sure it is because doing that diet for no reason is not fun.

I am not familiar with candigest plus, but if you have it bad a prescribed anti-fungal might be needed.  I have not heard great things about the garlic capsules and I know a prescribed anti-fungal would be more effective, but the main thing is strict adherence to the diet.  Which is also the hardest part, but if you do it good and start feeling better it will be well worth it.

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I suspected candida a few years ago when I had stomach problems that they couldn't diagnose.  I passed out at work after suffering bad bloating etc and the hospital couldn't find the cause.  

I have had the gluten screen test and it showed im not allergic to gluten which was something my doctor sugguested.  The IG antibody test was done for candida and showed high levels of antibody.  I checked with the company that did this and they informed me this would sugguest candida and that I should get advice on diet etc.  I have been following the diet and taking candigest (uk type threelac)  for about a month now.  My doctor dismissed the idea of candida but is referring me to a gastro.  I have been suffering allergy/sinus issues also which were being treated by an ENT.  
My doctor was adverse to prescribing anti-fungals as he said it can cause toxins to be released and this puts pressure on the liver, so he wants me to see the gastro.  Although I doubt the gastro doc will believe in it either.  Probably just humouring me.

What symptoms do you get??
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It's comforting to read your posts.  Do any of you have numbness and tingling in your mouth along with invisible sores?  My mouth feels inflammed and it's worse the more sugar or grains I eat.  I have suspected candida overgrowth manifesting itself in my mouth as "thrush" but no one can confirm it based on my symptoms.  I haven't had tests done but plan to do so soon.
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Laura sounds like you are on the right track and looking into the same things as me, but you have narrowed it down to candida.  That is what i hope to do here very soon, at least narrow it down to something.  The release of toxins during anti-fungal could very well happen, but with careful management and detoxification this will help a great deal; I have heard from people that take charcoal (pills i guess maybe from health stores) to help filter out these toxins while on the anti-fungals and there are supplements also that help detoxify and fortify the liver.  The fact that the doctor is woried about toxin release means that he has to believe the fungus is there in the first place to release these toxins as it is killed off.

My symptoms (numerous): Fatigue, cloudy thinking, confusion, memory problems, tired and muscle aches or fatigue, irritable (extremely at times), I will feel anxious and nervous for no reason at all (this seems to be caused and aggravated by what I eat), gassy or bloating, visual abnormalities at times, I feel sick most every morning and throw up a clear mucous/liquid when I brush my teeth most every morning, decreased sex drive.  Also allergies that I have never had before, that seem to occur after eating (congested, full head, stuffy nose and itchy eyes)  

I have had numerous tests for many different things the only things found were low B12 (taking shots, from malabsorption), IBS and hiatel hernia found during scope (up and down), and now positive genetic marker for celiacs which just means I am more likely to develop it.  Thyroid, testosterone, blood sugar/glucose response are all good.

Have you seen info about the "spit" test that you can do at home, not really for diagnosis, but I guess to give you an idea if candida could be a problem.  I really don't know how accurate it is, as I haven't really seen it on any sites that I would necessarily trust, but I did see it on several.  Anyways if you know anything about that I would be interested as i tested positive doing that, but I wonder if everyone does...  
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i don't have the oral symptoms that you are experiencing, but if you have thrush in your mouth/throat it is very very likely that you have thrush in your stomach.  I have heard others that have the mouth tingling/numbness that have candida, so I would definitely get checked out for candida.  Especially if your other symptoms are indicative of it.  What tests do you plan on doing and with what lab or doctor?
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I haven't tried the spit test, but im not sure how accurate it is.  I do have alot of the symptoms the same as you do.

My GP is hesitant about anit-fungals due to the toxin release, but I agree with you if there was no candida there would be no 'die-off' effect of the yeast overgrowth which Is what causes the toxins etc or so far as ive read.  I have done a bit of reseach on the net and its seems that the yeast produce a 'die-off' effect when the anti-fungals are used which causes fluey symptoms and puts pressure on the liver.  

I am going to continue with the anti-candida diet(much as its awful) and hope things improve.  In the meantime im due to go to the gastro doc.

I hope you find some relief.


I don't get mouth symptoms apart from mucus in my throat etc, but I do get thrush infections.

Wish you the best of luck

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Do some research for yourself on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Chemical Asthma.

Also, do yourself a favor and throw out all diet drinks and sweets and NEVER touch another calorie saving TV dinner.

It will take about three (3) weeks of water flushing to get rid of alot of it that is hiding in your system.  You say can't be?  Why not try it and find out.  You will be pleasantly surprised.  The symptoms you are having will start to disappear a little at a time.  A little at a time is how they appeared and that is how they will disappear.

Also, trying eating whole foods to renourish your body from what the diet drinks, etc. have raped your body of.

Hope this helps!
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Candidia  is a horrible thing but everyone has is.  It is when it becomes out of balance that it is a problem.  What makes it become out of balance is when your adrenals are fitigued from stress.  Treat your adrenals first and the candida will get better.  Get on some high quality acidophillas stay away from the sugars as much as possible and look into natural oils essential oils.  Breath them drink them whatever you have to do to get them in your system.  Living young oils are the most pure that I know of there is a mixture to treat candidta research it it can turn your life around.  

God bless
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I was very surprised when I found this chat.  I have been very depressed for about 2 months.  Can't get out of my own way, no energy, and also have had a very bad yeast infection for about 1and1/2 months.  I have to say though, I have had a tramatic injury on my neck and shoulder so my neck and shoulder pains might have reason.  They are worst lately.  The other symptom I have been reading is head aches.  My head aches started just before christmas and now I am having alot of dizzyness, along with some funny noises in my head that sounds like a "fuzzyness", "scratchy noises??? I have also gained about 10-15 lbs that I can't loose.   I did have some recent blood test that show my Thyroid is off.  I have been diagnosed with a Hypothyroid.  I have only been on synthroid for about 4 days so I'm not sure which symptoms will if any will go away?  I do know I have not been feeling good, and my husband is getting sick of seeing my in my pajamas all day.  Anyone else having these funny noises in their head?
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Headaches flashing zigzags and things in your eyes are MIGRAINES. mine are brought on by eating too much chocolate, coffee, being stressed ( even though i thought i was totally laid back and had nothing to be stressed about!) and tiredness from a few consecutive bad nights sleep. Everyone is on the trendy bandwagon about gluten, wheat, candida etc, a few volts put through your arm WILL NOT tell if you are allergic to anything, you have to get allergies tested PROPERLY not by mumbo jumbo black magic merchants.You are what you eat, if you drink **** fizzy drinks and graze on fast food then you will have all kinds of problems eventually, I know it sounds boring, but try drinking just water, the odd tea and coffee ( only 1-2 max aday) eat oat porridge, a bit of rye bread occasssionally, but most of your diet should be vegetables lightly cooked, wholegrain rice (not fried ) the odd baked potato (no butter!) wholemeal pasta , and lots of fish, chicken breast roast or boiiled not deep fried!, no shell food, and plenty of fresh fruit (eaten before 7pm only) dont use anything with aspartame or saccharin, ie no sugar substitutes, and reduce your sugar intake gradually till you no longer need or like sugars taste. You also need a routine, go to bed at a set regular time no later than 11.30, and wake/ get up no later than 8.15 even if you feel tired still, always have a healthy breakfast, snack on a bit of dried fruit/unsalted nuts etc if you get peckish between  main meals.try and exercise with weights 3 times a week for half an hour or so, on the other days in between try walking for half an hour or so with a brisk pace, while walking you can sort things out in your head and visualize positive things you have, and things you would like to happen. good luck.
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