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gas, egg burps and sometimes diarrhea

At random times I have had sulfuric burps, gas and diarrhea. With weeks in between of not feeling anything I would get it again and this time I would have egg burps but not diarrhea but feel bloated and cramped. My young daughter now has it but did not have diarrhea but soft stools. We would eat the same thing for dinner but only I would get this way. It's always burps first then the stomach problem. I've asked a doctor, and they do not seem to know what it is, or why we both now have it. The doctor said I should take pepto- bismol. But I don't want to just take something when even my doctor can't say for sure what it is. If anyone has any info
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See a GI specialist and get your gallbladder and duct work checked and you and your daughter both might want to get your stool checked for parasites, etc..  Since your daughter had a reaction too, could it be food poisoning?  What about the water you drink- have you had that tested?
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As both yourself and your daughter are experiencing similar symptoms, I would say it is  something you have both consumed that is at the root of the problem.  

Diarrhea is the body's way of eliminating what is causing the irritation.
You can also get diarrhea from too eating too much fresh fruit, like oranges, or other foods that are high in fibre.  Also drinking too much fruit juices can give you the runs or loose stools.

I agree with LivinginHope that it could possibly be some sort of food poisoning.  Make sure you both wash your hands before you eat and wash all fruit and vegetables before eating them raw.  Also ensure that any meat or fish products are thoroughly cooked.  BBQ foods may looked cooked or burned on the outside, but not necessary cooked thoroughly on the inside.

Do not leave left over foods standing outside of the fridge, and if you do reheat, make sure it is piping hot to kill off any bacteria.  If you buy ready to eat meals, make sure they have been kept well refrigerated.  Hot food need to be kept at a certain temperature and thrown out after, I think, it is 4 hours because bacteria start to breed.

With rice, it is better to throw it out rather than reheat and eat.  

Although some foods are OK to eat after the sell by date, some are not, for example fresh cream and soft cheeses.

Keep to a bland diet for the moment to allow your stomach and intestines to settle down.  The cramp and bloating feelings you are getting could also be from something that you are eating.  Like white bread for example, or foods that produce a lot of wind like sprouts and cabbage.  Also fizzy drinks can give you lots of gas and bloating.

Stick to water or watery drinks and avoid milk products until you are OK again.  Here in the UK it is safe for us to drink cold water straight from the tap.  I don't know which country you are from, but if the water is iffy, then boil it first and cool it for cold drinks later.

Keep a written record of what you are both doing and eating, to see if there is a pattern and to find out if there is a culprit food.

If both of your symptoms do not settle down over the next few days or get worse, then it would be a good idea to get a stool sample checked.

Best wishes

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