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headaches from chicken??

I am fifteen and i have had headaches/migraines ever since i was nine they are constant all day. I am completely immune to tylonal now, and i had to switch to excedrin. It took three diffrent doctors MRI, many blood tests, urine samples, xrays, and frustration until i finally found somthing to calm them down a bit. I am now on Atenolol and Amitriptyline. It has been about six months since, but now the meds are starting to ware off, and im having them just as bad. my mom likes to blame it on things that i do, i know that its only to help me but sometimes stopping somthing makes my problem worse. She heard from a friend that chicken can cause headaches/migraines for a certain type of blood types. I eat chicken all the time and im really hoping that its a myth but i guess i could give it up to get relief. any help?
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Thanks for your query.

As you know by now migraine is caused by different triggers. Please read the matter on.
The liver portion of chicken has been documented to cause migraine. So it’s safe to eat chicken otherwise minus the liver portion. So cheer up. However a word of caution, please exercise regularly when you eat a lot of chicken and add fruits and vegetables liberally to your diet.

Deep breathing exercises too help. I can see that medicines have been giving you poor relief so it will be wise to identify the trigger to your migraine attacks. Please run an extensive drill to look for that trigger.

Consult your doctor on a regular basis and please feel free to contact. I’ll be happy to answer your queries.
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thank you very much, i will try that. im going to the doctor after school today so hopefully i will get better new/help:]
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I am happy to note that you are going to your doctor after school. Let me know what your doctor says. If you need more help, please feel free to contact. I’ll be happy to answer your queries. Please keep me posted.

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