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headaches-lightheadedness, chest pains.

So for a little over a year i have dealt w/ different types of symptoms, im not sure if they are all related but this is whats going on.  Basically during basketball last year i started getting dizzy spells alot when i would be playing...they were not all too common so i didnt think much of it, however after these symptoms had started i got into a car accident-pretty bad-lost consciousness for a few seconds not much--but after that, i noticed i would have near passing out symptoms--these continued mainly when doing cardio things, or running and what not-it felt much like an anxiety problem--during work sometimes--under no stress--i would get these dizzy on the verge of passing out feelings--they continued--i have gone to different doctors--thinking it coudl have to do w/ diabetes-high low suger levels--heart issuess--many different thingss- but nothing has come up--more recently since about august,i have headaches almost every day- and get lightheaded, i have trouble sleeping since the beginning of all this---but i just dont go through a day w/o feeling good about everything.when doing sports activity i get chest pains--and veryyy lightheaded-and rooms tend to go dark --im worried there is something wrong that wont be discovered until its too late---what shoudl i doo.. i feel like all the doctors i have seen have done nothing for me, as nothing seems to make sense to them....please help if you can.-again symptoms--headaches, dizzyness, near fainting(but no fainting)lightheaded-sharp pains at times in my head-sharp pains in my chestt--mainly a constant cloundiness in my head
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Have you seen a cardiologist or a neurologist. The accident may have had something to do with causing these symptoms (see neurologist). Or the accident may have been a coincidence & had nothing to do with them (a cardiologist). You need further investigation & I wouldn't be pushing my body until I found out what is causing these symptoms.
You sound like a very active person that doesn't dwell on sickness. Symptoms are the first sign something is not right.
And if they are persistant, they need to find out what that something is.
                                Good Luck, J
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