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Hi I'm new to this.
I'm 18 and I've noticed lately that my body shakes and I lose my breath
Anyone know what I can do
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Blood sugars can fall and cause hypoglycaemia.  This can happen in some people, even though they do not have diabetes.  

It is therefore important to eat healthy food regularly and not go for long periods without food.  It is better to east small amounts often rather than a large plateful in one go.

Unfortunately some people do not get any symptoms at all that they may have diabetes or pre diabetes.  Once the symptoms of extreme thirst, frequent urination, skin problems not healing properly, feeling nausea when hungry and itchy skin, constant fungal problems,  would point to a diagnoses of  diabetes.  The doctor would either order a glucose test or a blood test to check HBA1C levels.  The HBA1C blood test shows the average blood sugar over a period of 3 months.  If the sugar level in the body is high, this would be detected in a urine specimen test using the urine test strips.  It depends on how much glucose is in the blood stream to whether it shows up on the urine sample test.

Eating any type of food, and especially high glucose foods when having a hypoglycaemic attack would bring the sugar levels up.  Although a sugary food may be needed immediately, it is important to have slow energy release foods.  

As body shakes can happen for a number of reasons, it is wise to get checked out by the doctor.
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If you notice that eating a few pieces of orange makes the shakes go away, then you likely have developing diabetes.  Which means blood sugar went too low and eating the orange restored sugar levels.  Other symptoms include frequent urination and great thirst, among others.  
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Getting body shakes can be caused by a few things.
You do not give enough information with regard to what you do or how your feel before you get the shakes.  Sometimes with high fever and feeling very cold the body will get the shakes.  Drinking too much alcohol can give you body shakes or by not eating or drinking something that you may be addicted to.

It may be that you are not eating enough or may be dehydrated (not have enough fluids in your body).  You may be shaking due to being nervous from stress or anxiety.  Stress and anxiety can also cause problems with breathing due to panic.

As you are experiencing loss of breath and you have the shakes too, it may be that your iron levels are low.  When the blood sugars fall quite low this too can  make you feel shaky.

Make an appointment to see your doctor so that he can run some blood tests and try and find out if there is an underlying medical problem that needs attention.  

Let me know how you get on.
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