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Everyday I have horrible heartburn I wake up everymorning feeling sick to my stomach and I have frequent bowel movements with soft shapless stools and when I wipe there is blood on the toilet paper this has been going on for about 7 to 12 months...I am also very tired
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These symptoms are very familiar in my household each from a different disorder/disease.  My daughter has severe crohn's disease, my sister has ulcerative colitis, my mother had bleeding ulcers, and colon cancer and I have IBS so I know first hand that early detection and treatment is the key to recovery.  
It is most likely the bleeding/loose stools are what is causing you to be sick at your stomach. What is causing the bleeding/loose stools could be related to any of the above mentioned disorders/diseases etc.  

You could be Anemic, as well, which is low red blood cell in the body which decreases the amount of oxygen to the bodies organs, cells, and tissues, and can cause many symptoms if left untreated, such as fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and pale appearance of skin, mucus membranes, and nail beds.  Severe anemia can cause fainting, dizziness, angina, chest pain and heart attack.    

All these conditions are treatable if caught early enough, but all can be very detrimental, if left untreated.  So PLEASE DON'T WAIT any longer to SEE YOUR DOCTOR.

I Hope This Helps.  Please Keep Me Posted.  Good Luck and God Bless.  
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Seriously, why are you asking on a website about these kinds of symptoms... bloody stools, heartburn and soft, shapeless stools?  GO TO A DOCTOR.
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Ok... sorry about snapping.  I get a little touchy sometimes about questions on what could be serious symptoms.  No one on a website is going to be able to tell you for sure what's going on with your body without seeing the rest of you and a full history.

As such - it could be your diet. When I eat a lot of hummus (especially black bean hummus) have shapeless stools, gas, heartburn and a LOT of discomfort.  And I pooh a lot.  If I KEEP eating it, I end up bleeding on the back end because I keep wiping.  

Track your diet/intake and your bowel movements (shape, amount, color, size, characteristics (ribbon-like, grainy, sandy, spotty, mucousy), frequency).  You may find your own correlation.... If you don't, it is as least extremely good documentation to bring to your doctor. In fact, it may be one of the first things your doctor asks you to do before completeing more intenstive tests.

Exhaustion could be anything from not getting enough sleep (what time do you go to bed vs time you get up), dehydration, poor diet, not enough exercise, anemia, virus, to the most extreme things you can think of.  Again, tracking your bed time and activities is key.
Maybe you're more tired after eating a big meal - make a note of it.

When you have GI disturbances that interupt your ability to eat or have BMs normally, your absorption will be affected.  For flare ups, it may not be a big deal to be slightly off for a few days, but when it's on-going, you can end up malnourished, which can definitely cause fatigue.

It could also be a virus.

Definitely track your intake - especially sugars, gluten, spicy foods, citrusy foods, and acidic foods (coffee included!).... and your BMs.  I'd ask to be tested for celiac disease too... it's a pain in the *** to diagnosis (no pun in tended).  It's extreme, but becoming more and more common. If the doctor is resistent to testing for it, you can also put yourself on a gluten free diet and see if it helps (http://gicare.com/Diets/Gluten-Free.aspx).

Good luck and keep us posted!
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
The symptoms could be due to exacerbation of acidity or even gastric reflux. Take a late night snack. Raise head end of bed. Take Omeprazole empty stomach in morning and an antacid gel at bedtime. Refrain from smoking, alcohol, fuzzy drinks, caffeine, and spicy food.
You could also be suffering from an inflammatory bowel condition such as Celiac Disease/Ulcerative Colitis/Irritable Bowel Syndrome/ Crohn’s disease. Parasites in the gut like threadworm, tape worm, giardiasis etc can behave this way. Hence a stool test is a must. Problems of gall bladder and liver or that of pancreas too cannot be ignored. Possibility of H pylori infection should be looked into by carbon urea breath test.
I would strongly recommend you to see a gastroenterologist (a specialist who looks after the diseases of our digestive system). Maybe your physician can recommend someone. Take care!
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