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help, i am tired of this lump?

I have a swollen lump under my chin/tongue area as well as a very red (disgusting looking) throat.......what is it and what should i do???

P.S.  I hate doctors, clinics, and hospitals.....any home remedies perhaps???
My Mom says I should gargle with peroxide. The 3 % kind, diluted with water. About half and half she said. Should I?????

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As a dental health professional....I suggest not to use peroxide diluted with water for any longer than a few times a week for no longer than a month.  Peroxide can kill good bacteria as well as the bad...has shown to cause oral changes in mucosa.  The lump could be a cyst (feeling from under chin) or a clogged salavary duct (feeling from under tongue.  Neither serious.  I would say go see your dr just to be sure it is not a tumor, but most likely not.  I wish you the best. I hope this helps you.
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With the combination of the lump and your sore, red throat, I'm presuming that it's probably an enlarged lymph node.  Your lymp nodes will get enlarged when your body is fighting an infection or virus.

How long has this been going on?  Any fever?  Any other symptoms such as coughing up colored sputum, body aches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea?  Difficulty breathing or swallowing?

I know you said you don't like doctors, but if this has been going on for more than a few days (probably 3-5 max), or if you're running a high fever (above 101.5), or have other symptoms like I've asked about above, you definitely need to be seen by a doctor and perhaps get a throat swab to rule out strep throat.

In the meantime, instead of gargling with peroxide - as wisdometeeth4 said above, it can be hard on the muscous membranes in your mouth (not to mention tastes terrible!), you might want to try gargline with warm, salt water.  Try tylenol or ibuprofen for pain/fever and maybe even an over the counter sore throat spray.  HOWEVER, if you are already under a doctor's care for anything or on any medication, please be sure and check with your doctor BEFORE taking anything.  If you do use the throat spray, follow the instructions carefully and do not use more than stated on teh instructions - these sprays contain a numbing agent and if used too much, could pose a possible choking hazard if you try to eat/drink shortly after using (because your throat is numb).

You can also suck on hard candy (NOT after using the throat spray though - very important - you don't want to choke on the candy), popsicles/ice pops.  Halls makes a pretty good throat drop called Breezers - they usually feel pretty good on a sore throat and I like them because they don't contain a lot of menthol, which, for me, usually ends up making my sore throats worse (although menthol does help clear sinus passages if you've also got a stuffed nose).

Warm tea with honey and lemon is also good for a sore throat, although I usually find that when I have a sore throat I prefer cold things as opposed to hot/warm things.  This is just my preference, so you may find that the warm/hot beverages do better for you.

Also get as much rest as possible.

I hope you feel better soon!
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u r in troble dear .gargle maybe useful but it seems there is infectionw which
should be handeled by a doctor, if fever is present , do u have pain.how old r u?is there any bad odor? This area is cmplicated& its better to take antibiotics & antiinflamatory pills , insptie of your haterness ,please let a doctor see u . sure u will het well
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