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hip problems

recently i went to a  hip specialist with hip pain and he said i have a hole in my hip bone which is caused by a cyst and wants to do a hip replacement. he said if i don't have it i will be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life cuz the hole will just keep growing.. i have to go friday for a steroid shop that is xray quided to stop the pain  and to see if it will stop the hole from getting bigger and then in three months do another xray to see if the hole is any bigger or if the shot slowed it down from getting bigger. my question is are there any other choices i have besides hip replacement? i have read something about cement in the hole what about that? does something like that work that i should suggest  it to him. i do not want to have this hip replacement and would like to try anything else besides surgery. any suggestion?
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A bone cyst is a benign or non-cancerous, fluid-filled cavity in a bone that increases the likelihood of fracture. There are two different types of bone cysts: simple or unicameral and aneurismal. The primary difference is that aneurismal bone cysts are filled with blood while simple bone cysts are not.

How old are you? the most likely cause of  such cyst is osteoarthritis in elderly.
Bone cysts, which are areas of relative thinning of the bone, show up as hollow areas on the X-ray adjacent to the joint itself. A hip replacement will often be the treatment of choice if there is significant evidence of osteoarthritis.Otherwise bone grafting can be considered.In this, the cyst is scraped out with a special instrument called a curette. Donor tissue or bone chips are packed into the resulting depression to replace the fluid.

You can discuss this option with your doctor,but as physical examination and visualization of the X-Ray to see the extent and severity of the disease is required,so best guidance regarding the mode of treatment can only be given by your orthopedician.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.

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i am 41 but have has hip problems since i was 16 all the doctors i have been sent to say it is arthritius and that there is nothing they can do for me until now with still sever pain that no pain pill or inflammatory pill will take away they said i have a cyst that caused a hole in the bone and that i have to have a hip replacemet. i know nothing else except that. i have to go for the steroid shot on friday and want to know more but do not know what to ask for even inquire about. i just know i do not want this surgery .
did you read about the cement or is the cement the thing with the bone pieces you are talking about? how can none of these doctors ever see anything until now? is this cyst something that can just form overnight? i had a xray in oct of 07 and they said it was the inflammation again like usual now all of a sudden its a hole in my bone. i just don't understand any of it at all. will let you know what happens friday with the shot and the doctors and all. thanks for any info or help talking to you has helped in knowing at least some answers
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