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hiv virus china

Hi there i have sexual encounter in sep 2012.A guy give me oral sex i m the reciever i m here in london till from sep to now april i have done severe tests nearly 13 with include antige&Antibody all neg and as well i have done full screening more then three times.My Symptoms oral ulcer on off dierrohea rashes on left arm and chest flu like illness still now nasal discharge extreme anxiety and ibs.i have done my last test over 6 months is neg.Doctors says no needfor more testing.i have exprience now skin break from inside my cheeks from diffrent parts of cheeks still now it could be ulcers no idea.i dnt know that night why is that guy offerd me for alchol and he forced me.My Main question is i saw on bbc hiv like virus in china is infect the peoples and easily spread throw saliva the symptoms of this virus exact hint on my symptoms.this virus is spread in china its possible it can be here in london Uk.i m very very very upset my life is going on dark ways please please please help me thank so much.

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Anyone here to reply me please teak nursegirl lizzie please answer me please
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Why you experts are silent.you have no Answer of my Questions i m very upset please tell me
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Did you see the doctor about the rashes?

I am wondering whether you have had a flu virus and possibly a bacterial infection.  There are a lot of people with bacterial infections during the autumn/winter and spring months.  

As regards to your ulcers in your mouth, you can buy Bonjela from the chemist or in the big supermarkets and that will  help with the sores.
As you had oral sex forced upon you, it is very likely that you may have Thrush in the mouth.  You can get Thrush in the mouth and in the genitals, either from sex, have a very sugary diet, diabetes and from antibiotics.

For that you can buy from the chemist a gel called Daktarin, costs around £4.00.  Daktarin oral gel contains the active ingredient miconazole. Miconazole is an antifungal medicine used to treat infections with fungi and yeasts.

Thrush is a fungal infection caused from Candida Albicans getting out of control.

I didn't see the BBC  programme about the hiv in China, so cannot comment on that.  

If your nasal discharge is green or yellow and you still have the feelings of illness, I suggest you see the doctor as you may have an upper respiratory infection.

Make sure you eat a healthy diet with live yogurt as that can help against Thrust.  Make sure you drink plent of water.  A drink of warm blackcurrent juice and hot water with lemon juice and honey is good for a cold.  You can also get over the counter remedies for colds and flu.

To help decongest your nasal passages you can do steam inhalations.  You need a bowl of hot water with some Vick or Olbas Oil in it and inhale with your head covered with a towel over the bowl of steam.  Take care not to get scalded by the hot water.

Best wishes.
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Hi thnx jemma.i dnt have thrush.i have some skin break inside from my cheeks from diffrent times i used bonjela when i got first ulcer in my mouth from oral sex.i cannot understand i just recieve oral sex and now i have done alots of test hiv and full screening All are Neg.when i started to read aids like disease spread in china and usa after that i m feeling really strange still now.what do u think about this its a myth or truth?thnx jemma
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Yes after 6 weeks rashes appear in my left shoulder and little bit on belley.but i m not sure which the house i was living before there is bed bugs and they bite me every time in hands but first expirence on chest and arm ohhh and as well on neck 2 times on same area in neck thats allergey type.
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Did you go to the doctor with the rash?
The rash can be anything.
It could be an allergic reaction to something, food, drink, tablets, detergents and so on.    It could be measles, chicken pox - you do not describe the rash. Like you say, it could be bed bug bites and sometimes spider bites.   A doctor would have been able to diagnose what the rash was (sometimes!).

If the rash is very itchy and started more on your hands this could be scabies.  

As you are in the UK the chemist can help and give advice on the problems you have as well as recommend medication.  Sometimes the chemist says to see the doctor.

I would suggest you try some Daktarin.  Sometimes the Thrush in the mouth is not recognisable to you and I.  But if you are still having problems in your mouth, then again you should see the doctor about it and even try the Daktarin.  Also drink live natural yogurt.

Some mouth problems can be as a result of poor oral hygiene as well as from anaemia.

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Oh thnx jemma but u didnt tell me about my situation are you Agry its true hiv like virus spread in china and Usa.Doctors and researchres still unsucrssfull.i m saying coz i recieved oral sex from other person alots of times in my country i didnt feel anything and Anxiety after that.i have never bad oral health i exprienced these symptoms after that Exposure.thanx
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I got a tube for rashes when they appeard after 6 weeks exposure after that still i never expierence rashes.
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I got a tube for rashes when they appeard after 6 weeks exposure after that still i never expierence rashes.
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Like I said in my previous posting I know nothing of this diease that you talk about and therefore I cannot comment on that.

You should be talking with your doctor if you have a concern.

But any oral sex, whether it is forced or not can give you mouth problems, especially if the person does have Thrush.  Some men do not get any symptoms or may have an itch and ignore it.  But it would be passed on to you by contact.

You should be careful if you do practice oral sex the same as with any other type of sexual preference.  

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but I heard hiv like virus spread in china and asia and usa.peoples get same symptoms like hiv but hiv results are coming negative.i have done alots of time recievd oral sex but here in London I got oral from someone and expirenced same symptoms like peoples complain in china and asia and usa.researchers still cant diagnose this disease.i m very very very upset
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Unfortunately, as the English saying goes:
"If you play with fire, you can expect to get burnt".

The best remedy is to have protected sex at all times, unless you are in a stable relationship and trust your partner and he/she you.

If researchers can't diagnose this disease, then there is nothing we can do about it if indeed this disease exists.

We live with a lot of viruses and bacteria and there is not a cure for the common cold.

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Agree with you jemma but this disease symptom same like hiv but hiv tests results come back negative.Researchers cannot find the reason yet.its not a virus if u go on google you can see there.The main and the biggest symptom of this disease is Extreme Anxiety and mental illness.i m suffering the same situation.i never had like this before in my life.
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And this disease is spreading throw saliva I dnt know how and peoples claim its as well spread throw eating in same dishes and even with condoms.i m not lieing you can see on google search.the most important thing is jemma i m living here without my family i love my Mom she is really innocent when i think it i cry a lot.why my life is going on dark way.i m really unlucky person.
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To be honest with you dark550 I believe your extreme anxiety and mental illness is very likely to be associated with what is going on in your life at the moment.

A lot of people suffer from anxiety and depression without having promiscuous sex.  I have suffered with the same and my husband and I have and always will be faithful to each other.  

Life circumstances can bring on anxiety and depression (I have suffered from this on and off throughout my life).

1.  You are very anxious with regard to the possibility of having contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

2  You are away from home and your mum and your own country and in a different environment that you are familiar with.

3.  You are studying and that can bring on a lot of stress and anxiety.

4.  You probably do not have your friends here with you and you may feel isolated with no one to share your problems with.  

4.  The English winter has been very long and cold and a lot of people suffer from depressive illnesses during the winter months.  This is called Season Affective Disorder (SAD).  I suffer from this because of not enough sunlight.

5.  You are also probably anxious due to financial reasons.

I would advise that you go back to your doctor and explain how you are feeling.  He may prescribe an antidepressant to help get you out of this down mood or refer you for counselling.   If you have a counselling service at the Uni you are at that may help.

You are not unlucky.  I do not know whether you are in the UK for work, or studying.  I got the impression that you are studying.   If that is the case, they you are lucky to have the opportunity to be doing that.

I have read the article regarding the HIV type of virus in China and I am not surprised that you are anxious and worried sick that you have this disease.  There is a disease that I know of that can be caught through the saliva and it is sometimes referred to as the "Kissing Disease".  This in fact is a viral illness called Glandular Fever.

It appears to me that you may be suffering from depression because you are classing yourself as being unlucky, you feel down and glum and very negative in your outlook on life.  

I advise you see the doctor so that he can assess whether you are suffering from depression and then be treated accordingly.  If the doctor prescribes antidepressants, just remember that it can take 3 months to feel any benefit.

Best wishes.

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Really thanks jemma i m going to my Doctor i  want to mention here i have all symptoms like hiv  and peoples complain they have similer to aids they complain they have mouth ulcers upset stomach blood inside skin sinus infection mently illness armpit pain.i have been suffering from all these symptoms and still i have sinus infection from last three months lungs pain and blood inside skin i mean little skin lesions on my belly.No idea  about these symptoms whats wrong with me.i dnt know.Extreme Anxiety is one of the main symptom of these persons who they said our symptoms sumiler to aids like disease after having sex.i   never suffered from same these type of symptoms.i want to tell you one thing more the person gave me oral sex he said drink alchol with me i said no no i m not a drinker.he forced me and i took 3 shots of alchol.i really dnt know if its aids like disease occurrs then why hiv results comming back negative.researchers said its a aids like disease aids phobia.i really dnt know jemma i m gonna get merry with my love within afew months after.she is waiting for me.i m really really really upset.Some of Researchers said this disease is spreading to family members by saliva and eating food in same dish and somes Researchers are saying its not spreading to family.because some peoples complain they are infecting their families but i really dnt know whats going on.
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Are You Busy jemma?
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To be honest with you, I don't think the researchers at this present time, by my understanding of reading the article, know either what is going on.

But what I do know that there are viruses and bacteria around us all the time.  I also know that when there are stressful times in our lives, and you have had that by moving away from your home, anxiety and depression is enevitable.

When you go and see your doctor, write down on a piece of paper all the symptoms and problems that you are experiencing so that you do not forget anything and show him the little red marks on your skin.  

As we age and get older our skin does change.  I have little red marks that have appeared on my skin slowley over the years as well as brown blotches that I never had when I was younger, but that is normal.

As you are complaining of armpit pain and sinus problems and lung pain, all these should be checked out by your doctor as it sounds you have a bacterial infection that is affecting your glands.  Like I said to you in a previous posting a lot of people in the UK suffer from respiratory infections during the winter months.

As you have a partner that you are going to marry, you should be faithful to her and not have normal or oral sex with other people.  Would you like it if she was unfaithful?  

You see dark550, unless the person had put a gun to your head, or a knife to your throat, you could have walked away from the situation.  But it happened.  

Make an appoint as soon as you can with the doctor with the list of your problems.  The doctor needs to listen to your lungs and check out the rest of you as you may need an antibiotic to kill of any bacteria.  If you have been ill for the last 3 months, no wonder you are feeling anxious and depressed.  Do tell the doctor how you feel as well.

Let me know how you get on.

Best wishes.

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I m Totally agree with you jemma.i visited from my doctor and he said nothing wrong with you i said i have countinue sinus discharge (ruuny nose) from last october 2012 to still now i used diffrent types of nasal saprays but still this problem.i want to   mention here i quit smoking after this incident for 5 months i read on internet quit smoking side effects there is mention about sinus problem.one thing i was smoker from last 6 years and after that incident i suddenly stopped it some times i m think  about may be its due to stop smoking.before two months ago my doctor diagnose i have asthma i think the sinus could be due to asthma but seriously jemma really no idea whats going on with ne.and aswell as i m experinced some strange feelings inside of my cheeks i think its ruff skin   some skin broken inside of my cheeks some times  after 10 days some times after two weeks you have  any idea what is this.i told you already those peoples complain aswell they got that disease they said we have that same problem inside of cheeks but not all said some of them.some times i think i go back to my country but its very hard for me to go back early.my mind is everytime think about it i m very upset.
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I m thinking about my wife.i dnt want to give any   dusease to her.i dnt know what i do where i go if i go in my country i dnt want to spread this disease i m feeling cry everytime.
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dark550, no good crying, that will get you nowhere.
It is good to cry though to get it off your chest.

I did suggest you go and see the doctor with a list of all your problems.  Whilst you are in London at present go and get checked out by the doctor so that you will be fit when you go back home.

I have no sexually transmitted disease, and I feel very very ill, with congestion, sore chest, cough, extremely painful joints, especially my groins, hips and right leg and knee.  Because of that I have difficulty walking.  Everyone I know at the present time is congested or have sore throats and a cold.  This is typical in the winter months in the UK.

So you must see the doctor for a full evaluation as soon as possible.
Worrying about it will not get you the help you need.
And dark550, if I were to be your wife and knew about what you do sexually, I wouldn't touch you with a barge pole.

Women and men want a stable, loving and failthful relationship.  And it takes two people to make a relationship work and trust each other.

So I say again to you dark550, see the doctor as soon as possible, the sooner you see the doctor, the sooner your symptoms can be treated.

Best wishes

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I visited doc already yesterday.he said nothing with you.but my Question to you i saw on this forum some peoples complain against undiagonsed symptoms after having sex and these all symptoms appeared on me.sinus,nasal congestion,upset stomach,mentlly illness all these i have exprienced.i really dnt know whats going on with me i did not exprience this mentlly illness before i dnt know why so why they peoples said we are in mentlly illness.but no one diagnosed this symptom jemma please tell me what i do?
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You need help for depression.
And what did the doctor say?
Did he examine your chest and sinuses, take your temperature, look at your swollen glands?  Young people with swollen glands may have Lymphoma or Hodgkinson's Lymphoma which is a type of cancer.

Did you talk with your doctor about your low mood and how depresssed you feel?  I get the impression that you did not.

Doctors in the UK do not dismiss people who have chest infections and swollen glands, they tend to do blood tests to find out what is causing the problem.  They also send people for xrays to find out the state of their lungs if the problem is not resolved within a few weeks and after medication.

In my view you are too obsessed with this China HIV type of illness.  You are going round in circles.  I have already made it clear to you that the researchers (like you said) do not know anything about this illness and it says that on the web site too.

I already explained to you the reasons what have contributed to your depression.  If you mentioned this to the doctor, he would have given you a questionnaire to fill in to find out the degree of your depression and would have given you treatment for this.

You do not say what the doctor diagnosed you with.  
Makes me wonder whether you are just guilty because you had this "affair" that you agreed to and want sympathy to make you feel better.  I do not believe you have caught anything from this encounter in London, how do you know that you did not already have what you think you have.  In any illness, there is always an incubation period before symptoms appear.

You asked me if I am busy, do you not have a life to be getting on with rather than wasting engery going round in circles about something that has not been confirmed and there is no evidence to prove that this China HIV thing exists?

There are lots of people who have illnesses and diseases and there is no cure, and they have to make the best of their lives.

I cannot believe that the doctor in the UK did not examine your chest and everything else and did not give you anything for this.  If the doctor did not give you anything, he obviously is of the opinion that it is caused by a virus.  Antiobiotics to do not help illnesses that are caused by a virus.
You do not say what the doctor recommended for you to do.

If you did see the doctor, he would have given you advice on how to get better, like take it easy, keep warm, drink plenty of fluids, take pain relief.

I have suffered from mental illnesses a few times during my life, and just because someone has a mental illness, does not mean they have been contaminated by a sexual disease.  That is why it is important to seek medical advice and have a thorough medical evaluation.

You need to understand dark550 that you seem to be obsessed with having this China illness that you will not accept anything else.  This is why you need help with this anxiety and depression.

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I do not have swellon glands.yesterday i explained  to my dr everything but he just checked my chest and said nothing wrong and he refferd to me for appointment with phycologist its not good.i want to say you i visited my GP last 2 months before and he diagonosed i have asthma but yesterday a i got appointment with diffrent dr and he refferd me to physcologist.these are Uk Doctors?
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