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hoarse and lump in throat

ok let me see if i can squeeze all this in.... hoarsness going on for about 6 months.... voice sounds strained and sometimes takes effort..... do have allergies but on Allegra D once a day and that keeps post nasal dripping down.... Have had the sensation of having a lump in my throat for about a month.... especially when swallowing... Noticed the past few days that it is more on the right side.... not right in the middle... very tired all the time.... have no energy...my older sister does have under active thyroid but i was tested about 8 months ago and they said everything was fine...any suggestions as to what this could be??
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Go do a barium swallow
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I have barium ex rays , Upper and Lower GI serices
ENT examine and nothing was found.
I have cold nodules on my thyroid glands and doctors say this shouldn't my swallowing problems.
I have tried Prevacid and similar products but they only give me survice gas and I still have a problem swallowing. I do have burning in my throat sometimes but no endigestion.
What could it be.
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I have the same symtoms-  going on 9 yrs now-  went to drs. for 2 yrs and no one could figure it out-  then finally went to a university here in Florida and got my answer-  instead of acid reflux, I have throat reflux-  you can read about it online and see if this is your answer. The lump in my throat is gerd-  the food doesnt stop at the esphogas like tis supposed to but leaks up into the throat area and causes muscous formation on the side of my throat and causes a lump sensation-  it comes and goes now but was there for 2 yrs straight and couldnt take it anymore.  It finally subsided when they put me on prevacid but still comes and goes. Have you tried nexium or prilosec or protonix?  Not saying this is your promblem but sure sounds like me- my voice is always hoarse from it also.  Go to your search engine and look up  "throat reflux"
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