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how do u cope

I have suffered this for a few years now but less until now where it first appeared i travelled to austria and i suddenly without warnig has pins and needles in my mouth face arms legs etc and my eyes wanted to roll back into my head and i wanted to die. my friend rushed me back to the hotel and called a doctor out and he gave me tablets and he couldnt speak a word of english.

After i came home i went to my local gp and he didnt know what these tablets were and didnt want to know so i have been living with this for many years after and now it has progressed as in i am energetic but after dinner i have to go to lay down or if im driving i feel so bad my eyes want to roll back and i feel sick and if you like not normal as i feel like im floating.

I am fed up with this now and the docs dont want to know, the other day i thought it was really my time like everything was shutting down and i couldnt even stand the noise from the kids i just wanted quiet to go:(
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See a doctor as soon as you can and ask for both a neurology and a vascular specialist. There are many conditions that could cause those symptoms. It could also be anxiety attacks, but best to rule out any neurological or vascular problems first. Good luck!
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Either you have strong anxiety and panic disorder or if the episodes come after eating only, then a rare case of pancreatic insulinoma. You could also be suffering from hyperacusis (increased sensitivity to sound), depression or to hypoglycemia, postural hypotension or to thyroid disorders. If episodes come while driving only then driving anxiety, claustrophobia of being in car, carbon mono-oxide leakage (get this checked at a mechanics), subluxation of C1-C2 vertebra (a MRI of this spine should be done). Sometimes it is due to fluid in the cochlear canals of the ear.
Please discuss these possibilities with a doctor and get this investigated. Take care!

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Thank you for your comments:) I also must add that when i lay down especially when i sleep i wake up and am deaf but as soon as i get up it comes back?
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Sorry i must also add that if i get my legs/back etc massaged by my wife my left side feels so weak and hurts:( I got a bit worried because my mum has been suffering for 5/6 yrs from myloma (sp) she is really bad from it now and although its not hireditory (sp) i asked to be checked but they wouldnt because he gave the excuse that its the time of year for colds etc
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Been to the doctors today and he has told me to have a specific blood testing so hopefully that will bring something to light
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