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i have chronic burning pain all over body, prickling and tingling sensatio

It started with pain from the scapula area like I have sprained a thing inside.The pain  spread all over body. some places inside the fresh that are painful when pressed.  I also feel feverish. There is tingling prickling sensation in arms,legs and face with itching all over.
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Have you considered fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome? Have you seen an internist? They may be able to confirm or rule out possible fibro.
The possible allergic reaction you would have to see an allergist for.
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I'd agree some of this sounds like allergies or sensitivities.  If you've injured your scapula, some of these symptoms could stem from the injury.  You could have chronic regional pain syndrome.  It usually starts from an injury of some sort.  It causes pain and neuropathy and it can spread to other areas.  It's very unlikely that you have CRPS; it's a bit rare; but you definitely need to see your physician.
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I have CTscan, MRI and xrays of the thoracic and spine but reports can't find anything. Doctors I have met don't know what is wrong with me. Its frustrating because I want to know what is wrong with me.
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Do you have allergies? The itching all over may be related to something you ate or used that you are sensitive to.
The pain in the scapula could be from an injury? Did you injure yourself somehow? Tingling can be from an injury.
We need a lot more information before we can offer much advice.
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I don't remember injuring my scapula at any time. The pain started in the scapula and now, four years later, the pain is all over my body with points all over my back, arms, legs and ribs that are painful when pressed. The pain is so bad that most days I feel feverish and sick.
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