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i'm Getting Really Weird Vision Problems! Please Help!

Hello. So for maybe the past few months i have been having some really really weird vision problems. First i will tell you about myself, as i think some of these details may help you determine what the problems are as well as the causes; i'm 15 years old. I do stare at one screen after another very often. i do not have a history of these problems. i do not use drugs, nor have i ever. i frequently stay up late.

Now here are the problems: 1. When i am out walking (the only times this happens are when i'm walking in cold, snowy weather), i see this weird visual effect. i will try to explain the best i can- this effect is in the middle of my vision. it's kind of shaped roughly like a flower, and looks like these little greyish transparent spots are flying into the middle really fast and just keeps doing that. it's kind of like one of those visual effects you see when you stare at those illusion pictures on the internet. the effect is pretty transparent. there is no pain in my eyes. i cannot see it indoors. this one worries me the most.

2. when i look up into a bright, clear sky, i see tons and tons of floaters, and little sparkly spots everywhere. The weird thing is, the tiny little spots appear to be black, yet still sparkly. They pop up everywhere in my vision. i will also get the occasional random sparkly spot in my vision.

Please help. i am really worried and could use some re-assurance, even if i have to go see my doctor.

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Floaters in the eye can be a sign of retinal detachment, shrinkage of the vitreous humour (gel like substance in the eye), ophthalmic migraine, macular edema, debris in tear film, allergies, a blow or fall on the head or due to some inflammation. Floaters can also be chronic eye static due to the electrical activity inside our eye. This produces an image of the vitreous and retina, sometimes white spots against black or vice versa and sometimes red hues too. This is normal. Rarely this is due to inflammation. Most floaters never completely disappear. There is no medicine or eye drop that can really cure this. Please consult an eye specialist for this. Take care!
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Hello Aaron,

I suggest that you stay away from computer screens for a while , take more time to rest your eyes , look in the distance, green color namely forests helps.

First your eyes are overloaded, second - your computer or whatever screens might be damaged and of poor quality ( for example below 80Hz).

Last but not least go to see your doctor as these symptoms can be related to visual nerve damage and many other diseases.

I strongly urge you to go to your doctor and insist on seeing an Eye specialist.
your eyesight is the most important sense that you have, please do not wait.

BR: Sash
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