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infections going for 8-9 months, new infection in hyperkeratosis / fissured foot

Hi everyone, so, I have always had longer healing time and caught infections easily. I have had quite a few opportunistic infections such as a gangegrene style infection of my foot, a swollen uvula in my throat twice, bronchits & strep at the same time for 2 or 3 years in a row, and if I am around someone whos sick I will get it 100%

This issue has become very scary recently because since 8-9 months ago it seems to be getting worse.

I have 2 areas where my thigh meets my buttocks where I have had some weird skin infections that drain pus all day and night despite all my efforts (antibtioc ointment, warm baths etc)

My feet have very thick skin which one doctor referred to as hyperkeratosis. This causes my feet to split open from the strain the thicker skin puts on the normal skin around it while I walk.

One of these areas of thick skin is all puffy and swollen, and feels like a giant pocket of fluid under it. It feels infected to me. This began shortly after the right outer side of my hip had some serious bone pain and redness, maybe 2 months ago.

I worry the infections are traveling down my leg to my foot, or those infections are getting worse and a new one has taken hold in my foot. It is all happening on the right side except an infected area on my left leg / buttock, same position as the one on the right, that has been there as long, but doesnt flare up often and doesn't seem to be spreading.

I have a heart issue, skeletal defects and MND, I was born with Omphalocele, an abdominal wall defect, which I know is connected to many genetic diseases some of which include primary / inherited immunodeficiency. Some have involvement of skeletal, cardiac, neulogical, basically every organ / system under the sun, and many medical journals note patients born with Omphalocele may have "Syndromes of unknown etiology"

Anyways, thats just a quick theory about my overall health but specially focusing on the infections that wont go away and my history of immunodeficiency, what should I do?

I am worried at any second these multiple infections will become septic or alliw worse things like necrotizing fascitis bacteria to cause a more devasting / immediate infection, I am at the point of resorting to ordering antibiotics onlnie or something because I have not been helped much by the so called "doctors" in my area and Ive tried seeing quite a few.
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