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infectious di. My jsease (parasitic), lymes, or herniated disk

hi everyone, my name is alexa and im an active and healthy 27 year old female. for the past two months i have been experiencing tingling and pins and needle sensation in my hands, and bottom of feet. also random thru my quads and calves. i have a schedule MRi because my guess is a herniated c6/c7 disk in the back of my neck. I have a throbbing pain that is on and off, tension headaches, blurry vision that comes and goes, extreme brain fog, forgetfull ness, and extreme fatigue and no energy, and also mood swings.

I was tested for lymes a year ago because i was fatigues as well. however the test came back normal. i have not gotten a recent lymes test but i got my iron checked due to always being cold and having cold hands and feet all the time. My joints are shot, even tender to the touch especially elbows and knuckles inbetween my fingers. My blood test came back showing one abnormality. My EOSINOPHILS ABSOLUTE is 700 above the normal range of 15-500. I was told it might be a parasitic infection

My question is what is likely causing the cognitive impairments? i plan on seeing primary care doctor ASAP to further figure out what is going on.
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Sounds like you asked your medical plan Dr to test you for Lyme and the test came back negative.  They almost always do with mainstream Dr's.  Nothing else in medicine comes close to the controversy of Lyme.  Because the tests that mainstream use do not detect infections over a month old.  You need to see an LLMD.  It will cost you some money, but it sure sounds like Lyme to me, and there is no other way.  I saw Dr's for 40 years, yes 40!  And they all told me it wasn't Lyme.  I became bedridden in pain on much needed opiates, and it suddenly spread to my heart and I was getting heart attack sx because my heart was infected with Lyme.  Went septic.  The reason I'm alive today is I went to see an LLMD.  Mainstream Dr's aren't looking hard enough for, diagnosing, or helping Lyme patients, even when they are very good at convincing that they are capable of helping you.  Good luck to you!
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Hard to see how a bad disk would cause fatigue and mood swings and it's also unlikely it would cause tingling in bottom of feet, though not impossible.  Most times disk problems don't cause any pain at all, though some do have problems because of that.  Have no idea but seems like too many symptoms to be a disk problem.  
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