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iron levels?

Okay so my symptoms on a normal day are:
vomiting, nausea, fainting, dizzy, migraines, constant headache, aching joints, swollen feet hands joints face glands and throat, really bad circulation, difficulty breathing, heart palpation, hot cold sweats, high temperatures, and probably only urinate maybe once a day, severe stomach pains and sharp pains around kidneys, lately i have been passing blood and vomiting blood.
(xray ultrasounds ct of the stomach and groin come back normal and sometimes come back with lesions but they dont do anything about it)

This has been going on for several years, the doctor keeps saying its just a stomach bug and there isn't anything he can do but prescribe pain killers which i don't take. Hospital didn't do anything till i eventually ended up unable to eat for three weeks and had big black rings around my eyes and my whole body puffy and sore, they found endometriosis and removed some of it and sent me home saying come back when it gets really bad again ? :S wtf stupid people

My blood test show I have really high iron and really low ferritin which have been worsening everytime i get blood tests done, I dont know what to do i cant keep food down or tablets and keeping liquid down is a struggle.  
Could the iron problem be causing my symptoms?
And how do I get the doctors to take notice?
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I am anemic and was put on iron tablets but found that my symptoms worsened.  Iron tablets are horrible.  Try to get a second opinion from another doctor - go to a clinic.  Get them to test your iron again.  I suffering anemia symptoms on a daily basis too but nothing helps me either.

Calcium is something to get checked out too.  A lack carried similar symptoms.  Let me know!
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Aww you poor thing hugs... ***** being sick

ok so i had the calcium tested it was low but within normal range.

Nutritionalist tried getting me to take suppliments, magnesium, potassium, iron, etc but it just ended up badly my body rejecting the whole lot. The doctor/doctors I have tried three or four and they all talk together and they still just wants to give me pain killers  :S  
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