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jumping dreams

I often dream about jumping! These jumping dreams have never felt unsafe, sometimes i am teaching or instructing someone on how to jump like I am at that moment. At times, I will show this person over and over again, exactly how the jumping is done or executed! some times I jump straight up super super high! Other times I jump and stretch my legs (like a gymnast) out, front and back, like the splits in the air with a big high leap forward! This is all pretty wonderful within the dream, but I am exhausted in the morning, takes me awhile to recover..
Any ideas or interpretations as to what all this jumping means?
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I used to dream of jumping and then i dreamed of flying from my back porch to a tree in the backyard. I believe that it was my body preparing for astral projection.
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wow! thank you for your share :)
I do feel a little like I'm flying..jumping from one spot far off to another! I generally see the land mass passing as I am in air..so it could be, I too, may be preparing for astral projection. fascinating thought...
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If you dream of jumping over any object, you will succeed in every endeavor; but if you jump and fall back, disagreeable affairs will render life almost intolerable. To jump down from a wall, denotes reckless speculations and disappointment in love.


may simply reflect events of the day providing an outlet and safe way of expressing pent up emotions.
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oh yeah, by the way, you should get a book on astral projection and open your heart to the magical possibilities...... have a great week, liz
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