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kidney stones

Hello.  I have just experienced my first kidney stone. I couldn't believe how painfull it could be. Took 12 hours to clear, drinking lots of water. Does anyone know how these can be avoided. Like is there something one should eat more of or less of. I would appreciate any help and advice from fellow sufferers out there. Thanks
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You need a consult with a urologist. He should analyze the stone to see what it's made of, and do a 24 hour urine collection to see what components of your urine could contribute to stone formation. Depending on the results, you may need diet modification, medication to prevent stones, of just need to drink a lot more water.
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It really depends on what kind of stone it is - make sure the urologist has the stone analyzed.

I've had four, two of them while pregnant.  I know it sucks, hang in there.
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Many thanks for your help and suggestions, I will follow them up and keep in touch. There are obviously some of you out there suffering a lot more than me, so I hope things get better for you all.
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I started developing stones because of hyperparathyroidism and developed 28 kidney stones.  My urologist did analyse the stones and placed me on dyazide (dieretic) to keep my kidneys flushed.  It worked!  I was on the dyazide for many years and never had any problems and the stones stopped forming and some of them actually got smaller.  Others, I did have to pass the hard way but mine would often take longer than two-three days of pure pain and suffering.  They did try lithotripsy with little or no result.  

I recently had to go off the dyazide because of potasium depletion and the stones have started forming again.  At this point, I am still undergoing further lab tests, etc.

You do need to have the stones and your urine analyised by your urologist.
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