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left arm

why is my left arm falling a sleep from my elbow down and only when my arm is bent it's like hitting your funny bone ?
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It sounds like you have a pinched nerve. When you bend your arm the nerve gets pinched causing the falling a sleep feeling. Talk with a doctor to see what they can do for you.
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I agree that it is most likely a pinched nerve. Hopefully a doctor will have you do some nerve tests where they measure how well the nerves are conducting the signal.  

One day when the outer 3 fingers on my left arm went totally numb. The tests showed that my ulnar nerve was pinched in the elbow and it was severe enough that it required surgery to move the verve out from between those bones. It wasn't a big deal at all was in and out of the surgery in about 6 hours. I'm not sure what treatment options are available if the nerve isn't that significantly damaged.
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    I am having something a lot like what you've described. It's  progressively getting worst each day that goes by. I first felt these sensations and pain in my lower back, which I was told it is Sciatica. Now, I'm having it in my feet/toes, up my calves, and sometimes up to my upper-inner thighs. But the worst area on my body is my hands/fingers/arms. This pain and these horrific sensations have been making my arms (especially my right side), almost unbarable to use. It's hard for me to feel things, it is so bad in the morning, from the time I wake up, until afternoon. Yet, after doing household chores, taking care of my two yr old a Son (who's currently in the “No!” stage, the stubborn stage, as well as loves to make some insane messes out of food, toys, crayons. Just about anything he can get his hands on, he's into. Let's just say this 2 1/2 yr old keeps me busy!! lol(:
    The way I feel this coming on is starting in my finger tips, I notice at least two fingers get cold/numb (especially my right hand, two middle digits, &/or bth of my feet/toes, that have been doing the same things. So once they become numb and cold, this is when I start to feel the pins and needles sensation. Not one of these symptoms goes away, so ontop of the already  bad sensations, I start to feel shooting/aching/burnning pain. I have a real hard time using my hands to do just about everything, but I still am managing most chores or duties, it's just not nearly as easy for me nor is it keeping me away from like. I'm pushing through.  Soon it starts traveling from the tips of my fingers, up my entire arm (Both of my hands recently started the following symptoms, maybe a month and a half ago. I had this happened to me while I was in my third trimester of my pregnancy with my Son. It didn't go away for over a year after birth. I retained so much water, gained a rediculous amount of weight (50 lbs.), swelled up like a blimp, I also had Vitamin D deficiency and was told to take supplements (2000 IU/day). I was put on moderate bed rest at 22 weeks pregnant, due to false labor/contractions, I think I drove to the hospital at least 5 times (22 wks and up), because I did have severe labor cramps, pain and swelling. The last time I had false labor, I was put on strict bed rest for the last 8-10 wks of my pregnancy. After he was born, I realized that I didn't loose much of my weight like my first pregnancy. I started to notice that my feet, legs (calves), hands/fingers, face ect .. were very puffy and I had hand/fingers start to go numb, cold, burn, tingly/pins & needles sensation, swelling, or even worst is the "hit my funny bone" feeling!!!
    I'm so tired of constantly having loss of  , certamy mobility or less mobility than my norm:/
I've read so  much on various "have your doctors symptom c
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