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left side body symptoms

Lately I have been expieriencing some strange symptoms that I've done numerous searches on but found nothing.

The left side of my body feels very strange, like a heavy feeling that makeS me feel like its weaker than my right side it does nOt effect my balance or anything but both my leg and my hand get tired faster than usual I can draw a line right sown the center of my body that seperate there two sides.

There is also a vibrating sensation that comes and goes throught my body with an addition with blury vison and the feeling that I'm going to pass out.

I have various pains throught my Body at spesific points in arms legs especially chest around the heart and abdomen.

I have been getting like a presurised feeling at my nose bridge, temples and head that comes and goes.my temples also feel as if they have knotts in them that run down to my jaw. I also have really huge knotts in my back that don't seem to want to go away.

I recently discovered a small lump just under my skin but above my rib cage its not really sore but it soes worry me to know that its there.also around my tib cage and underarms are tender  

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first your age,sex,job ,any other chronic disease diabetus ,hypertension ,if you are wearing glasses or not ,smoker or not aany other symptoms to give good clues for your post
good luk
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i'm male 20 and have no chronic diseases well none that i know off. I work in two shops mostly driving a little bit of heavy lifting but it's never slowed me down. Recently however i do get tired quicker and don't feel  like doing anything any more.I dont wear glasses, I smoke but since this thing started iv been trying to quit im down to 3 or 4 or day.

when this thing started it was at night a couple months ago while i was laying in bed and my hand started to feel strange i tried to ignore it for a few days but i got worried and went to see my gp he said it was nothing serious just swelling and affecting a nerve. it went away for about a week and then came back but this time also my leg and progressively the rest of my left side with strange feeling then it turned into pains not constant but at all different points. This is when the head aches started the pressure at my temples and head the jaw irritation and chest pains.

Its mainly my chest now that is disturbing me the feeling that its full(the left side) and tender all over and sometimes i feel its hard to breath my hand and my leg still worry me but not as much. i feel nautious restless  have trouble sleeping and i dont feel as sharp as i used to
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