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levaquin side effects

        i am a 27 yr old female,i recently took the antibiotic levaquin,i was quite healthy before i took this drug,i had minor health problems such as,hiatal hernia,acid reflux disease,an also iron deficiency anemia,i am being treated for the health problems i do have an all has been well i have been able to live a normal healthy life with theese issues untill a few weeks ago.i went to the doc because i had a bad sinus inection he gave me the antibiotic,A.K.A. Drug from hell, levaquin i started takeing the meds that nite i came back from the doc,immediatly after takeing the drug i was so sleepy that i couldnt keep my eyes open it knocked me rite out.as a couple days past i felt like crap i was sleeping later then i noramly do an it was hard for me to get up it took all i had in me to get out of bed i started getting more then a little concerned.when i was almost done with the drug from hell i started haveing dizziness light headdness an my pulse rate was way high i knew somethin was wrong an my gut told me that it had to be the antibiotic with only 2 pills left i stoped i flushed those 2 pills down the toilet..i thought i would soon be back to my normal self since i was done takeing them well i was wrong i woke up a few nites ago an my shoulder was killing me i have stiff joints i stay tired now no matter how much sleep i get i am very moody an ill i got a burning painful sore on  the roof of my mouth it hurts to eat anything i feel like i have goten a UTI i have little bumps that are known as folicallictitus an i am my witts end i started goin back to school i am so scared that i have been yet another victim of the drug from hell after readin what alot of you all have went through iu am so sure npow i am not crazy an that this drug is dangerous i am pissed off that we as people are being used as expeirmants i am ready to call my lawyer an see what can be done.. i am sorry that any of us who is suffering from this drugs effects i hope there is something  that can be done an reverse what this has done to us...if anyone has had simaler side effects as me plz let me know i am a nervous wreck....

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I too suffer from Levaquin toxcity ruptured shoulders bicep and now I believe my hip is ruptured I live in pain everyday Nothing they give me completely gets rid of the pain. I am seeing a chiro for Levaquin detox just started so no progress yet  this drug should beremoved from the treatment of any matter. I have lost my life over it
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On December 7, 2009 I was taken to the hospital with a severe UTI, that had already started renal failure and was setting up sepsis. Until the night before being hospitalized I had had no symptoms of anything being wrong and at that time the only symptom was a burning urgency to urinate. The doctors hospitalized me and started me on this "drug from hell", IV for three days. While in the hospital I started having severe pain all over my body, and severe nausa, they started me on high doses of morphine (10 every four hours) and anothere drug called daloted (sp) neither of these would touch the pain. I was released after three days and sent home with another seven days of this "Hell drug" at home I got even worse, and ended up being rehospitalized for another four days, where they continued the IV's, then sent home to finish the script, all in all I ended up taking 14 days worth of this medication. I was a good girl and finished it all. Two weeks later I am back in the er, on Christmas eve with the doctors wanting to readmit me into the hospital. I can tell you I do not remember the month of December 2009. Before this I was a very active healthy 40 year old woman, with five children a full time job I worked 180-200 hours a month at, I went hiking, motorcycle riding, river rafting, I led a very active lifestyle. Now I am a shell of what I used to be, I have been hospitalized 4 times in six months. I suffer from; extreme fatigue ( unlike anything you can imagine unless you experience it), pain 24/7 all over my body ( my muscles burn and cramp like I have been lifting too many weights for too long), I have continouse muscle spasms all over my body, I have numbness that feels like the dentist has deadened my mouth but this is in my body and it can effect my arms, my legs or anything else at anytime it wants too, I am hyper sensitive to light, sound, tempatures, and the muscles in my body quiver under my skin constantly like a car that is sitting in idle, I am having headaches that i have never had before, and well to be honest for a person who only had to take medication for allergies on a daily basis, my body is a wreck and my life is becoming one also. I now see a GP, Rhomotologist, Neurologist, and  Psych. I know take 300mg. Lyrica, Cymbalta, .025 Mirapex, Imatrex, Lorazapan, Flexeral, and 750 mg Hydrocodone. I have had CAT scans, MRI's, more blood and urine work than I can count, and Spinal taps. I have been checked for Rhomotoid artheritis, Lupus, Mono, Gout, Wilsons disease, Hyper/Hypo Thyroidism, MS, fungus, parasites, bacteria, and every disease they can find in your spinal fluid, also muscle deteration, the results; I am a perfectly healthy non anemic, low cholesterol 40 year old woman who is falling apart. The neurologist has told me at last hospitalization that I have a neurological disorder but they are unsure what, and the PA at my doctors office told me that they are seeing a number of patience with a 'new disorder' that is like fibromyalgia but is 10time worse than firbomyalgia, what do all these patience have in common you might ask; they all had sever infections that required hospitalization or antibiotic treatment. So my husband decided to look up the med from HELL and he found all of these other people just like me who are losing their lives too and we all took the same medication. Someone somewhere needs to figure out how to fix this, what they did to us, and how they like BP are going to be accountable to the people whos lives they messed up, AND THEY NEED TO DO IT PRETTY DARN QUICK.
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Yes, it is possible to get joint pains, dizziness, fever, sore throat, blisters etc from Levaquin. However the half life of drug is 6-8 hours. Considering that the total drug elimination would need 4-5 half lives, this drug should be out of system in about 40 hours. If still the symptoms are persisting, you would need to go to the doctor. Maybe initially you had UTI or some other infection which got worse after this drug. Please consult a doctor immediately if 48 hours have passed and you have been drinking plenty of water.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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