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lifetime of symptoms

My eleven year old daughter has experienced odd symptoms from about four weeks of age.  It seems as though she gets everything that comes along.  We are frustrated to say the least.  The list seems long:
-Elevated biliruben for 5 weeks at birth
-RSV and double pneumonia at 6wks
-ongoing colds and pneumonias (no less than annual) and strep rashes
-RSV at age 2 again requiring hospitalization
-Age 2-4 spontaneous vomitting on about a 30 day cycle.  The older she got the more violent, sometimes containing blood.
-She has had lymes disease 3 separate times from age 4-10
-She has had shingles twice in the last two years.
- In the past year, cyclical nausea reappearring.  This is typically accompanied by a low grade temp, complaints of abdominal pain, and "My throat feels like I need to throw up." Sometimes including back pain.
-She is smaller than her peers.
-She was getting heavy, but dropped 15lbs from her 90lb body in three months without a signifigant change in diet or lifestyle.
-She has a terrible case of exzema on the back of her hands and wrists.
-Diagnosed IBS due to constipation and bloating to the point of looking pregnant at times (issue since birth.)

We have been told leukemia, brain cancer, anemia only to have lab work come back and disprove these theories.  
We currently live in a rural community without access to a pediatrician.  It appears that there is more going on than a typical virus, but I can't get the "dots connected."  Her recent exam indicated a WBC of 14,900, sed of 18, a trace of WBC in urine but all other labs normal.

I really want to help this child.  Can anyone point me in a direction?
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Thank you so much for your ideas.  I had asked a doctor about celiac last year.  He told me she does not have that; however, I don't know that any lab work was done to confirm or deny.  One of my largest difficulties is getting someone to look at the whole picture rather than instance by instance.  Our small rural medical setting has family practice (typically geriatrics is the strong interest) and some PAs.  When I attempt to draw the connection I typically get the response that "She looks good today."  How do I get someone to take the second look rather than assuming it is overeactive mother syndrome?  
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Oh and maybe autoimmune problems (RA, Lupus etc...fall into that category)
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Has her immune system been checked out thoroughly for deficiencies? She has had so many infections, maybe that is why.
What alarms me is that she has lost so much weight too and quickly...I also see that she has bowel problems. Have the docs looked into celiac as well? Another thing I can think of since she has had so many respiratory problems is has she been tested for CF (cystic fibrosis)? Not being able to absorb nutrients and bowel problems are often a problem with CF as well.
I am sure there is a huge list of could be's, but this is all I can think of right now. I am not a doctor, so please take what I say for face value.
I pray that you get answers soon...Sunny
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