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lip swelling..sometimes accompanied with high fever and swollen gums/throat

About a month ago, I developed a sore throat and thought it was just that. about 1-2 days after that, my gums started swelling and i got a blister on the top, very center of my tongue, a day after that, raised bumps on my lip started to appear..only on my upper lip. the most i've had are about 3 bumps at a time. It looks as if my lip was swollen, even the the actual bumps were hard..no pus, but blood underneath them. and it's only on the upper right side of my lip. somewhat looking like bad collagen injections. I also acquired a fever, at first around 100F, then my highest went to 102.7. the doctor didn't know what it was. i'm only allergic to sulfa medications and i didn't eat anything out of the ordinary. Well, now a month later, I keep getting just the bump/bumps in that same part of my lip intermentily *spelling* ...no fever or mouth swelling this time. I'd just like to know if anyone has any ideas that could help me out. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you.
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My son seems to have caught similar symptoms as you had in July 2006. One round blister on his bottom lip, one round blister on the center of his tongue, high fever (103 and 104), sore throat, enlarged glands, gums and teeth were sore and they were bleeding a little.  This lasted 4 + days.  On the first day, he had some symptoms so we brought him to see a Doctor.  He got tested for Strep Throat but the test came back negative.  A few days later, other symptoms were appearing so we go back to the Doctor and this time they test him again for Strep Throat and Mono.  Both tests were negative.  Then the next day, he was in such pain and the fever was higher so we go to another Hospital (Emergency) and this Doctor does more tests (Strep, Mono and I think other tests too).  Nothing shows up at all but this Doctor knows he is in pain and she says he must have a throat infection (not necessarily Strep but another bacteria that would cause the infection).  She gives him Penicillin and Benzydamine (to gargle his mouth and throat with).  Also, the first Doctor gave him Zovirax (an ointment to put on his blister on the lip).  After using this ointment, the blister changed color.  It is now black.  It's probably healing.  This is the fifth day and he started taking the medication yesterday, and he is already feeling much, much better.  I think he is on his way to recovery.

Well I am puzzled by all of this because approx. a month ago, I had something similar to what he has.  I had a round blister on my tongue, high fever, sore throat, enlarged glands, sore mouth and gums.  I suffered with that for one week before I was told that I had Strep Throat.  My first test for Strep Throat was showing negative but the second showed positive.  They gave me Antibiotics and it cleared up within a few days.

Now what I need to know from you is:

How have you been doing since 2006?
Did you get any other episodes?
Have you ever been able to find out exactly what you had?
Did you ever get any medication to help you get rid of your symptoms?
If yes, what medication did you get?

I would greatly appreciate any advice you can give me.  Thank you.

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The story 'bout ur son absolutely shocked since i experienced almost exact s/s. It all started with a sorethroat, then under my rt.mandible was very painful, it was monday, MD had no clue yet, by nighttime fever was 103.5, was a torment. Tuesday already down in bed all day, severe headache.RUQ(rt upper quadrant) of gums swollen but not bleeding yet. Weds night fever again 104, by am blisters over tongue, gums bleeding, white spots on palate sooo painful even just to move the tongue.Sore on lower lip with pus-type substance. What a torture to have this. Friday ER MD said its allergic reaction to be that fast not an STD so test not necessary. I dunno what caused it I had atenolol 25mg Monday, Amoxicillin 500 weds x 3 caps, by friday he stopped amox and atenolol gave me clindamycin 300mg its now monday, everything's still der but less pain and swelling.nobody knows whats goin on.people around me still thinks i have STD.it *****.
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