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I have been reading a few of the posts on, headaches,tremors,balance, and confusion. I also have developed a stutter, extreame fatige,memory loss,and depression. I think the deppresion is due to the situation I am in. I am on short term disability,through my work insurance. I am also afraid of loosing my job. I have been diagnosed with bipolor disorder about 5 years ago. I also take thyroid medication and blood pressure medication,  which is checked on a regular basis. I have been on my bipolor medication for five years now, also checked on a regular basis. I have had 3 MRIs 2 ct scans, a cistenagram, 2 spinal taps. All showing good except my brain ventricals seem to be larger then they should be. They have ruled out Normal Presure Hydrocephilis. My neuroligist says she is stumped. she has reffered me back to my psycoligist. they both talked after that appt. now she has refered me to the Mayo clinic, in Jacksonvill Fl.  My syptoms started almost four months ago. Most of my symptoms have continually progressed. I am extreamly worried I will get worse. My life has changed drastically,and I am ver scared and confussed,that they cannot find out whats wrong with my body. I have fallen down four times since this has started. If you have any advice please let me know. Hopefully the Mayo Clinic can find out. I leave for Jacksonville Fl next week. From what I have heard they are the best of the best.
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Have they done an EEG to look at your brain wave activity while you sleep for any abnormalities?  

Have they done any blood testing to try to rule out things?  

Like, for example, with your fatigue and depression, have the tested your thyroid function?  With your fatigue and memory problems, have they also done an iron panel and tested your vitamin B 12 level?  

Even though they might not suspect iron deficiency anemia because you are a guy, it can happen.  Iron deficiency can also cause headaches, impaired coordination and depression (see private message).

Has the ENT done any vestibular testing, which looks at your balance system, including the inner ear amongst other things?  Also, stuttering can have to do with, if I remember right, a malfunction within the ear.  So, if you have not yet seen an ear, nose, and throat doctor, may I recommend you get referred to one?  

I'm glad your doctors agreed that you should be referred to Mayo Clinic.  I'm planning to send you a private message that lists 56 reasons a person can have enlarged brain ventricles.
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It might be a stroke with those symptoms.
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But were it a stroke, that should have been evident on the scans of the head.  I have a parent who has had a TIA and evidence at least of old infarcts was forthcoming on a brain scan.
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